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plus gain access to our growing library of tools, tips, guides and books aimed at indie musicpreneurs.

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First things first, more important than gaining promotion it’s good to know what our audience and reach looks like so you know exactly how effective this promotion will be for you.

  • Social media: We invite you to visit our profiles to see for yourself since “follower counts” can change daily.
  • If you want to know about our traffic stats, ask and we will gladly share with you.

With all of this out of the way, continue rocking!

We will always accept and listen to free submissionsAll free submissions are added to our pool of music which typically is used to create playlists and other features like this one. No matter how backed up the inbox, I always make time to at least listen to every single submission. I respond to the ones I dig and typically ignore the ones I don’t.

Feel free to browse through our Reviews or Interviews. If you want to know more about me and how MTM got to this point, check this out.

We actively promote and advertise the articles on our site using Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, Google+, and The 8 App.

If you have questions, concerns, or want more information, use the contact form below to send us an email.

What others say…

“…more of a gem opportunity from a music blogger who cares about music…Should be charging ever more for the effort they put in.” –Domino Grey

Noah James Hittner

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Free Submissions
  • we will read your email as soon as we can get to it.
  • if we dig it, we will share on social media, playlist it or include it in a blog feature with a short blurb.
Guaranteed Feature – $5
  • feature of your single, video, or project.
  • social media shares.
  • free PDF of our book.
  • playlisted on YouTube or Soundcloud
Hook Me Up – $30
  • everything included in the Guaranteed Feature Package plus:
  • follow-up text interview feature.
  • one month rotation in our Featured Bands spots
  • one month audio ad during our podcast
  • additional social media promo.
6 Month Membership – $99
  • everything included in the lower level packages plus,
  • feature articles on 2 additional indie music blogs.
  • at least 1 feature article per month related to your music.
  • extended promotion via social media and advertising blocks on our website.

Looking for more blogs?

We have formed a relationship with Indie Band and The Ark of in order to guarantee promotion of your single or album to both of these sites’ audiences.

Purchasing our 6 month membership package includes guaranteed promotion on these two sites.

If you’re looking to add additional quotes to your EPK, more exposure for your project, or simply want to know what other indie music lovers like us think about your music; you will find this to be a valuable and worthwhile experience.

the-ark-of-music indie-band-guru


We want you to understand we are listening to an abundance of indie music each day and a big portion of what we do is for free. BUT we are bombarded by submissions so we decided to offer promotion as a service in order to prioritize who and what we feature as well as try to monetize our sacrifices and dedication to the indie music community.

When you purchase service from us, you receive:

  • a more in-depth feature article about you and your music to our blog in addition to an interview feature (when applicable).
  • promotion and marketing of those feature articles through our network and social media channels (including paid advertising on FB and/or Twitter when applicable).
  • we are giving you a digital copy of our book for free PLUS instant access to our library of tips and guides…we are giving you much more than promotion.

More importantly,

Bands, artists, and musicians who are willing to pay for our time and services are showing us how serious they are about their music and we strive to honor that level of dedication by offering you the level of promotion you deserve.

As a side note, we have noticed that bands who purchase a package tend to stay in contact with us after business has been concluded. This is called networking and we take these relationships very seriously. I have met several musicians who I now consider close friends through bands who have purchased services from us.


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One of the best gigs and more of a gem opportunity from a music blogger who cares about music. Other bloggers should be using this as an example for what to offer. Should be charging ever more for the effort they put in. –Domino Grey, Indie Musician and Producer