Getting Your Music Heard Online

written by indie musicians for indie musicians who prefer a DIY approach

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If you are passionate about creating music, a self-starter with an Entrepreneurial spirit, and prefer a DIY approach, keep reading.

You make music.
You want people to hear it.
You need practical advice.
We feel your pain.

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Joshua performing in Shelbyville TennesseeI (joshua) released my first song online in 1999. Long before the days of social media as we know and use it today. There was no Myspace, no FB, no IG, no Twitter, no…you get the point. When I first “logged on” and taught myself to build a website in 1995, I’d never heard of Google… my search engine of choice used to be AltaVista.

When I first decided to pursue music as a career I was 18 years old, I lived in a small farming town in Tennessee, and I had no intentions or desire to sign a deal with a “major label”. Why did I need them when I had the Internet at my fingertips? I make music, I connect directly with people, if they want it they buy it and I keep 100%. Fast forward to present day…

This book includes articles written and published by Joshua Smotherman and C Bret Campbell to their website,

This information focuses on using the Internet and Social Media to promote and market music as a do-it-yourself musician, songwriter, artist, band, or other entity involved in the music business.

As we continue using the web to promote our own music and help others promote theirs, we will continue to publish updated information and strategies based on our experiences and experiments.

Middle Tennessee Music came into being as a website in May of 2011. Our mission is to empower independent musicians to be responsible Musicpreneurs in a digital, DIY era. We also aim to bring the worldwide independent music community closer together.

Now only 99 cents on Kindle

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We accomplish this by featuring album reviews, event promotion, and interviews. We also publish informational articles sharing our research and experiences with marketing music online.

We also share the resources, tools, books, and strategies we have used over the years to get our music heard across the planet using the interwebs.

This book was written by indie musicians for indie musicians.

Is it for me?

The information in this book isn’ t for everybody but it can prove to be valuable to any independent musicians who are on a DIY path, are self-starters with an Entrepreneurial spirit, and are interested in learning how to use the web to find fans, build a tribe, and sell music/merch.

This book is for you if:

  • you want to use the Internet to promote your music and prefer a DIY approach.
  • you want advice, insight, and tips from other indie musicians just like yourself.
  • you want your music reviewed on blogs, featured on podcast, and included on other music websites.
  • you want to learn if and how social media is helpful for marketing music.
  • you want to know more about search engine optimization and how people search the web.
  • you want to know more about the tools and resources available to you as an indie, DIY creative.
  • you want to properly present yourself to music industry personnel who can help with your music career.
  • you want to learn about the most common mistakes musicians make online so you can avoid them.

Keep scrolling for a full list of articles included inside Getting Your Music Heard Online.

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Only 99 cents on Kindle


Below is a list of articles included in this book:

  • How To Get Your Music Heard
  • How To Get Featured On More Music Blogs
  • Why Your Music Is Not Getting Heard
  • 4 Simple Steps To Improve Your Chances At Being Featured on Music Blogs
  • Top 3 Ways To Submit Music To Bloggers and Press
  • What Are ID3 Tags and How To Edit Them
  • 3 Common Music Marketing Mistakes Artists Make Using Social Media
  • 5 Valuable Resources Every Musician Needs To Know About
  • 5 Valuable Sites You Might Not Be Using To Promote Music
  • Social Media Tools for Bands, Musicians, And Everyone Else – part i
  • Buying Fans, SEO, and Social Proof – On First Listen – Google Plus HOA Panel Discussion
  • Why NOT To Buy YouTube Views
  • How To Improve Your Google Search Results
  • 3 Absolute Musts For Website SEO, How to Keep it Simple
  • How To Set Up Twitter Ads And Get Your Music Heard
  • What Are Hashtags and How To Use Them
  • Hashtags For Google+ and YouTube
  • How To Create An Attractive Profile
  • Expand Your Fan Base: Jump In My Social Media Time Machine
  • Is Your Music Career Running On Cheap Gas?

Bonus ( articles not published on MTM)

  • 4 Reasons Why Your Band Needs To Blog
  • Why and How ReverbNation Lost My Love
  • Expert Interview on Social Media by
  • Are You Guilty? 4 Ways Indie Musicians Are Killing Social Media
  • My Best Advice for Bands Using Social Media for Marketing
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