Why You Need A Fan Page (and what your favorite rapper is doing wrong on Facebook)

that the Hip Hop community operates a little differently than all other genres of music.

For instance, once you dig deep enough into the scene (on FB) you notice that everyone is using their personal profiles and they are all becoming Friends with each other.

So what I said earlier about not annoying your friends and family might not apply 100% because it’s understood what is going on and shameless self-promotion is simply part of the Facebook experience.

But this creates another problem.

Well, there are several issues that will pop up but the one at the front of my mind is that you are creating a bubble around your career that prevents you from using FB to the fullest.

People might like your music but that doesn’t mean they want to be forced to send you a friend request to keep up with your career.

So what do they do? They move on and forget about it.

People like simple. People like easy. And clicking Like comes with little resistance.

Also, if I am using Facebook as MTHH, I cannot become your friend…but if you had a Page I could Like it.

I also do not have the ability to tag you in status updates or photos because you are using your personal profile and not a Page.

Not being able to tag you prevents me from promoting your Page to our audience.

To put this into perspective, all of  MTHH’s Facebook updates are sent to @midtnhiphop’s Twitter account which currently has 6,377 followers (not to mention that some of the accounts who RT us have over 10,000 followers, so…)

Do some math and figure out for yourself why you need a Page.

I can guarantee MTHH is not the only entity using Facebook in this manner. We would hate to see you lose a chance at being Liked by your favorite record label or that venue you’ve been trying to book a show at for months.

I’ll close with one last thought.

What happens when you top out at 5,000 friends? Create another profile and start over again?

Do you really want to keep up with 2 Profiles? What happens if you manage to get 5,000 on that one, too? 3 profiles?

Go create your Fan Page already.

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      I recently removed around 300 “friends” from my personal FB. Majority of them rappers who I was trying to learn more about as well as venues whose events I wanted to keep up with.

      Obviously that experience inspired this article.

  1. says

    Hey, this is a great article.

    I think the example of Mid-TN also applies other places and both fb marketing techniques have their merit. Particularly, if you are under 5,000 fans, swapping between both techniques might be helpful, granted once you are big enough for page only, the features you get from using a user profile become less important.

    For instance, I may choose to invite my 2000 friends to my show using a friend event invite because I know their regional, or friends. Ultimately pages are better for publicity but unitl you get to that self sustaining level I think going back and forth has its merit. You might want to release new fans and frequent updates to fans but you might want to also hit your friends and relatives/ close ones when you release an album for sale or have a show.

    Alright, have a good one, keep up the articles much appreciated.

    – @201BEASTING

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      Thanks for dropping your thoughts on us, Sebastian.

      Ultimately, it all comes down to your end-goals and the strategies you design to attain those goals.

      I know several people who are getting great response(s) from simply using their Personal Profile.

      Our main goal in this article was to emphasize the importance of Pages and why Facebook designed them for us to use.

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