Why You Need A Fan Page (and what your favorite rapper is doing wrong on Facebook)

MyWebees Facebook App
MyWebees is a FB App that allows users to visit your website without having to leave Facebook.

You’re probably wondering what the hell your favorite rapper has to do with this.

Some of you might be thinking about how much you hate rap.

Others probably just want to know what I have to say about Facebook Fan Pages.

Top Reasons Why You Need A Facebook Fan Page

1.  Fan Pages are indexed by search engines.  This means you can leverage Facebook’s search rankings to make yourself show up higher in searches.

2.  Personal profiles are limited to 5,000 friends.  Pages can have unlimited Likes.

3.  Pages allow you to add apps which enhance the user experience as well as put your FB presence on overdrive. (Have you seen our Page?)

4.  You can use Facebook Advertising to promote your Page for as little as $5 a day.  Not an option with your profile. This is a very effective way to get more Likes if you know how to use it properly. (Ads are the blocks you see under the “Sponsored” heading on the right side of the screen when you are on FB…usually an image with some text.)

5.  If you ever read through Facebook’s Terms of Service, you are not allowed to market using personal profiles and any one of your “friends” can simply alert Facebook to your activity and your account can be/will be terminated.  It would suck to lose direct access to those 5,000 news feeds wouldn’t it?

6.  In my experience, its always been good practice to keep business and personal separate. There’s no reason to annoy all your friends and family (who might not care about your music) by posting links to your videos all day…every day.

The moment you become annoying is the moment you get blocked.

How effective is your marketing when no one pays attention to it?

The biggest mistake rappers in Mid-TN are making on Facebook

Notice I said “rappers in Mid-TN” which is a necessary distinction considering I honestly have no clue what rappers in Southern Alabama or the Northeastern corner of Romania are doing with their Facebook marketing plans.

It’s always good to stick with what you know.

We also run Middle Tennessee Hip Hop. Part of our networking process involves logging into Facebook, switching to the MTHH Page, and looking for hip hop music (preferably located in Middle Tennessee).

The problem is…

95% of people involved in the Mid- TN Hip Hop scene are using their personal profiles to market themselves.

A few of them are using Pages…but not many.

This means if I want to connect with them I have to become their “friend”…which I do not want to do.

The goal is to find them and simply Like their Page as MTHH (not as Joshua) so that anytime we are using FB (as MTHH), we will be able to see the latest news and share any videos, Soundcloud widgets, or upcoming events directly to our audience.

Also, friend is a loaded word and I happen to reserve it for important people in my life who I actually know or have worked with for an extended period of time.

If I have never seen you, spoken to you, or had anything to do with you outside of Facebook…you are not my friend.

This does not mean that I don’t wish to network for the purpose of building mutually beneficial relationships…it just means we need to get to know each other before we call each other friend.

On another note, I do realize…


    • says

      I recently removed around 300 “friends” from my personal FB. Majority of them rappers who I was trying to learn more about as well as venues whose events I wanted to keep up with.

      Obviously that experience inspired this article.

  1. says

    Hey, this is a great article.

    I think the example of Mid-TN also applies other places and both fb marketing techniques have their merit. Particularly, if you are under 5,000 fans, swapping between both techniques might be helpful, granted once you are big enough for page only, the features you get from using a user profile become less important.

    For instance, I may choose to invite my 2000 friends to my show using a friend event invite because I know their regional, or friends. Ultimately pages are better for publicity but unitl you get to that self sustaining level I think going back and forth has its merit. You might want to release new fans and frequent updates to fans but you might want to also hit your friends and relatives/ close ones when you release an album for sale or have a show.

    Alright, have a good one, keep up the articles much appreciated.

    – @201BEASTING

    • says

      Thanks for dropping your thoughts on us, Sebastian.

      Ultimately, it all comes down to your end-goals and the strategies you design to attain those goals.

      I know several people who are getting great response(s) from simply using their Personal Profile.

      Our main goal in this article was to emphasize the importance of Pages and why Facebook designed them for us to use.

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