What Is The YouTube Partner Program and How To Earn Passive Income

You have been working hard at building your YouTube channel and creating all the videos you feature.

Now that you have started building an audience and receive a decent amount of views per video, wouldn’t it be nice to earn money passively?

The YouTube Partner Program allows you to do this.

Monetize YouTube Videos

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

YouTube launched their Partner Program to provide content creators with more tools and resources.

The focus of these tools (according to YouTube) is to 1) allow you to improve skills, 2) build a larger audience, and 3) earn more money.

Here is a list of these resources:

  • Next Vlogger
  • Creator Clubs
  • YouTube Features
  • Partner Promotion
  • Creator Playbook 2
  • Creators On The Rise

YouTube explains each feature on their official Creators Blog.

How do I earn money with YouTube?

Its actually very simple.

  • You need a YouTube account.
  • You need a Google Adsense account.
  • You then need to associate the two.

Once you have associated the two accounts, YouTube will begin displaying advertisements on your videos (as long as you meet the guidelines).

You are paid when viewers click on the ads.

You have to follow the community guidelines or you will not be approved. They also have a program for Nonprofits.

Ad Formats

There are two ad formats YouTube allows you to display on your videos.

1. Overlay in-video ads

These ads appear while your video is playing (bottom center).

These are typically text ads and 3 of them rotate while viewers watch your video.

They can be minimized by viewers while they watch.

2. TrueView in-stream ads

These ads play full screen before your video begins.

You typically have to watch for a range of 5 to 30 seconds. Viewers can then click “Skip This Ad” to jump directly to your video.


Unless you are receiving thousands (or tens of thousands) of views on your videos, you will not see much income from this opportunity. The people making the most money are the ones with a huge audience receiving 100,000 views on each video uploaded.

However, do not discount this as an option for earning passive income online. Even if you are new to YouTube or have low numbers – fact is you can still earn money. It will just take you a lot longer to earn a significant amount.

Other Notes

I can tolerate the overlay ads but the in-stream ads annoy me…quite a bit.

When I receive an e-mail from a band and they want me to check out their video…

..the last thing I want to do is sit there and wait an additional 5 to 30 seconds before I can watch it.

This is something to keep in mind if you decide to turn on monetization for your videos.

How Do I Join?

I have had a YouTube account for years so when I first became eligible for their Partner Program, a blue bar appeared across the top of the screen when I logged into YouTube saying something to the effect of… “monetize your videos with YouTube’s Partner Program. Join Now”.

I simply clicked join and YouTube walked me through the steps.

Another way to check is to look at your uploaded videos in YouTube’s video manager. If you are able to monetize, you will see a $ icon next to each of your videos. If the $ is green, then monetization is turned on. If it is gray, it is turned off.

YouTube Partner Program


Welcome to the YouTube Partner Program (video)


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