Twitter #Music App Overview

Twitter recently released their new #music recommendation app.

This is a new and stand alone app which suggests Popular and Emerging (Hidden Talent) artists as well as Suggested music and #NowPlaying based on your followers listening and tweeting habits.

Accounts can also be linked to Spotify and Rdio accounts which will [obviously] provide more information to their recommendation engine about you and your followers music tastes.

The above video simply gives you a look at the app.

My first impression is a very good one. The app is visually appealing, runs smooth, and will probably push a lot of sales for major or popular indie artists.

Is it useful for the average indie, DIY band?

No clue yet but time will tell.

I will be dissecting and analyzing the app over the next few weeks and if I have anything else [worthwhile] to say about it, you know where to check.


Last updated on Thursday, 18 April 2013

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