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Encapsulated in Gold

I received an invitation from the fellas in The Goldroom to check out their new record, “The Surrounding Hours” a couple days ago. It’s pretty much been playing since then!

“Car With Crystal Brakes” really has my attention at the moment. Something about it reminds me of The Cars, but it’s nothing like the ’70’s pop-punk kings. Even if the words of this song were just jibberish, it would still have that elusive quality of truth in the riffs it drives right through the gut.

“New Drifter” (track #2) has sort of a Foo Fighters meets R.E.M. vibe to it, but again with the signature Goldroom edge. It’s of my top picks from the record.

A real treat is track #5 Es Verdad. Get your pocket translator out. You’re going to love this one – pure brilliance!

The closer, “My Darling” is another Golden moment, moody and ghostly, lovely and dark, with a beautiful lyric.

Sonic Filigree

“The Surrounding Hours” was recorded at db Studio in Rockvale, Joey’s Basement in Nashville, and the Goldroom Studio in Walter Hill. Mixed around the world by engineers in Tennessee, Kent, UK; Italy, and Argentina, and mastered by Brent Rawlings of db Studio, the record is a treat of great effects, pads, bass and guitar effects, and gorgeous ‘verbs. Brent did a great job of bringing this diverse collection together in a cohesive way.

This Is Loud Rock And Roll! But, it has been produced in a dynamic way that is not hard on the ears and doesn’t leave the listener feeling like he’s been in a boxing ring for forty minutes. The band and the engineers involved all deserve praise for pulling off this difficult maneuver.

Blow up the Radio

Those of us who have come to know and love Kevin, Shane and the guys for their seeming disdain for the traditional are in for some surprises here. It seems The Goldroom have resolved to, um,  resolve. (You should know by now that I suffer from pun-itis, so deal with it). I’m not saying that they have decided to follow the rules and put out some pop radio junk. In fact, quite the opposite, save the fact that there are a few songs on here that would be fantastically suited for the rock stations. It is a shame that independents don’t get the airplay they deserve, and The Goldroom deserve a bunch! Call your local station and demand that they dig up a copy and spin it!


Surrounding Hours

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