The Nerve of Some People by Gary Sunshine (album review)

The Nerve of Some People by Gary SunshineDirt floors, gritty characters, endless days and longer nights. All of these images come to mind within moments of pressing play on Gary Sunshine’s release The Nerve of Some People.

Gary Sunshine is well versed and well traveled. He has played in bands on major labels, has songs on movie soundtracks and now he is bringing you his art solo accoustic style. He is accompanied by a drum machine or sometimes a full band.

No matter the delivery, Gary Sunshine can write a song, tell a tale, and paint a vivid picture with words. His well traveled vocals are reminiscent of Dylan.

The Nerve of Some People is a collection of songs that could pass for a good book. Laced with tales of losers, lovers, thrill seekers and troublemakers; it not only entertains sonically but also engages the imagination – much like Kris Kristofferson and John Prine.

Powered mostly by his acoustic and drum machine, Sunshine weaves tales until we come to “The Last Time I Saw DYLAN”. This one is a homage to watching folk icon Bob Dylan perform (among other greats). He echoes a sentiment many others feel when he sings the words “I hardly slept a wink after that show”.

These fifteen tracks are solid from start to finish! Gary Sunshine has put together a collection of songs that music lovers, not just folk or Americana, will thoroughly enjoy.

Download The Nerve of Some People.

Brief History

  • Former member guitarist/songwriter for NYC’s Blues/Punk/Hard Rock Band Circus of Power (RCA & Sony/Columbia Records)
  • NY Loose (Punk Pop w/Shock, Fiction, Flipside & Hollywood Records)
  • The Silos (RCA, Bloodshot, etc. still record/write with them here and there),
  • Screaming Sneakers (Pop Punk from Miami/NYC..more than a few years ago)
  • Soundtrack contributions to “End Of Days” (Guns N Roses), “The Burbs” (Circus of Power), The Crow (NY Loose), “Whatever” (Walter Salas Humara)
  • Sessions including Guns N Roses & Gravity Kills.
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