The Archimedian Point


The Archimedian Point

“Give me a point on which to stand, and I will move the Earth.”

These words, from the legend Archimedes, have come to be known as The Archimedian Point.

That is also the name of the newest bad ass rock duo to hit our desk. Their new album A Present Progressive has been in the CD player this morning… and it is cranked to 11.

On a mission to personify Archimedes famous words through their music, The Archimedian Point can confidently say they have succeeded.

Packed inside these 10 well crafted songs is a rock and roll ride through an awakening of the mind.

Promoting independent thought, positivity, and social awareness, The Archimedian Point drives itself home on a soundbed laced with hard hitting rhythms, grooving bass lines, and guitar tones so sweet and bold you will be back for second servings of this brew.

Blurring the lines of genre labels, the band seamlessly weaves into hard hitting metalesque riffs and back out onto frequencies defined by their bluesy-rock influences. When the moment arrives you think you have it figured out, the song enters a mellow but soulful breakdown.

Things proceed to get a little funky as we transition onto tracks leading through a maze of pop-rock’s greatest elements. As the journey comes to an end, The Archimedian Point drives itself into recognition and enlightenment is achieved.

You get back in line because you have to ride again.

This is the part where you grab the album.

Then connect with the band on Facebook or Twitter.

“Give me a point on which to stand, and I will move the Earth.”

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