Spicing Things Up With Frank Palangi, I Am Ready!

I Am Ready by Frank Palangi

With Carpe Diem upon his will, up and coming, sexy, young indie artist, Frank Palangi is ushering a light with stimulating lyrics in his new EP album, I Am Ready, which is set to be released in June, 2013. Frank Palangi inspires me to follow my own dreams with his aspirations and dream driven lyrics. If you haven’t caught onto his music, you’re about to find just a little bit of heaven to start your day.

Frank Palangi gives a mirror of self reflection, holding it high enough to cast a little sunlight upon the path of the soul in his new EP album, I Am Ready including performances by (PILLAR) Lester Estelle jr, Noah Henson and Jacob Veal (Eowyn). The EP album is being recorded out of Palangi Studios and Rock School Music in New York and DredRock Music, Off The Wall Studios and Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. Palangi is working with Rob Coates, who is adding the final touches, producing, mixing and mastering the new album EP “I Am Ready” at LabelMix Productions in Nashville, TN.  You can listen to Frank Palangi “I Am Ready” at

I Am Ready lyrics

I have this feelin, It was born inside me
How can I grow without this passion leading the way
Not a day has gone by fighting, staying true
so listen close, this is my life

When I was young there were dreams of rising up
Waiting for day, I was grown up and live who I would be
Do you know who you are? Believe in what you receive
is it now time to tell yourself, am I ready

I’m coming out someday
Waiting for the right thing to say
When those lights appear
I’ll lead the way

Been told by my best friend to give up my dreams
I’m not stopping till the end, with one last breath to give
I will, feed my soal, to the end

I’m coming out someday
Waiting for the right thing to say
When those lights appear
I’ll lead the way

I’m coming out someday
Waiting for the right thing to say
When the time is near
I’ll see the way


I’m coming out someday
Waiting for the right thing to say
When the time is near
I’ll lead the way

Lead the way, Lead the way, Lead the way, Lead the way.

Frank Palangi live

You can purchase the new single, I Am Ready at Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Amazon.com, ITunes and CD Universe!

Palangi is endorsed by InTune Guitar Picks, Inc., Guitar-Cable SJC drums    and Spector Guitars.

Frank allowed me to have a private listen to the track, Frozen, a song about the closure of a broken heart, from his EP album, I Am Ready, set to release in June. From Frank Palangi’s track, Frozen lyrics “Don’t look back at me expecting to see, the same old person, Frozen in the cold.” I can relate to these lyrics involving how a person can stand still so long after heartbreak, and finds closure as the wounds find oasis in the changes. Frank Palangi is not backing down on his dreams. He will be entering track, Frozen, from I Am Ready album, into Grammy’s for the July deadline. Keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming artist as he’s making his move in the music industry, proving even independent artists can rise. Frank would eventually like to sign with a major or indie label to push things to the next level, while keeping true to himself and his music.

Frank Palangi can be found on facebook and Twitter.

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