Songs From The Little Green Book

Songs From the Little Green Book by Bowdoin Bowdoin is quite the creative mind.

A poet at heart, Bowdoin has a habit of hearing melodies and turning his poems into epic musical compositions.

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His new album, Songs From The Little Green Book, is a powerful collection of stories set to a bluesy-rocktemporary balladeer soundscape.

Imagine Billy Joel and Elton John teaming up with James Taylor to create an album with Meatloaf.

That might sound crazy but Bowdoin’s songwriting is nothing short of awesome. Laying the foundation with his piano, each song builds into something much bigger as winds, strings, guitars, and percussion enforce and embellish upon the lyrics and melodies of each track.

Bowdoin’s music goes straight to the heart, straight to the soul. In other words, you FEEL this music.

His powerful voice leads an amalgamation of sounds into one easy listening experience. Not easy listening as a genre, but easy listening as in it’s really easy to sit back and vibe out to these songs.

It was a really good way to start my morning :)

Songs From The Little Green Book contains 8 songs of ballad-esque poetry which provide the soundtrack to a play of the same name (also written by Bowdoin).

Be sure to check out our interview to learn more.

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