Shut Up Debut in Murfreesboro at The Boro

Editors Notes: I’ve been hearing about this group known as Shut Up for a bit and meaning to check them out. Now I wish I had done it sooner! This is one RoKKin trio! Some of my favorite groups over the years have been made up of only three, maybe there’s some sort of secret musical chemistry in the number…

I popped over to their soundcloud page for some late-night tunes and now I’m trapped by their sonic net… I don’t expect to get out till morning at the earliest. From atmospheric to straight rock and some off-the-path stops in between, they lay it down and snag the listener in the traditional Middle Tennesse no-holds-barred style. I’ll be looking forward to their disc in the mail and if we’re lucky, maybe we can arrange an interview at the show in Murf on the 28th.


Shut Up To Make Murfreesboro Debut

shutup-bandPic976x324NASHVILLE, TN — Shut Up is a new pop-rock trio out of Nashville who will be making their first appearance in Murfreesboro on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at The Boro Bar & Grill, located at 1211 Greenland Drive.

The group Shut Up consists of Megan Light (bass, lead vocal), Nathan Spears (guitar, vocal), and Zach Grace (drums, vocal). Their self-titled debut release was produced by Grace (Mock Orange, Heypenny) as well and was made available nationally on June 20, 2013.

Guitarist Spears, who spent his formidable years in Murfreesboro, is excited to bring the new band to his hometown. “The timing is right to introduce Shut Up to Murfreesboro,” he said.  “We’re getting a great response to the tracks on Shut Up from new fans nearly every day. Our playing is so second-nature now and we’re so familiar with each other, we can add subtle things or take a song just a little bit off the path, just because we’re feeding off the show.”

About their CD, Althea Johnson of endorsed the band and their finished product. “Mature but youthful lyrics and journeyman-level musicianship is what I expect will give this band staying power,” she said. “And if their debut release is any indication, they already have the recipe for radio-ready hits.”

LMNOP of writes, “Shut Up tunes tread on that fine line that separates art and music. Some of the tunes should appeal to fans of the underground…while others have a surprising amount of commercial appeal. Cool modern buzzsaw pop/rock cuts include “Friday Night,” “Walking Away,” “Invisible Friend” (a particularly beautiful cut), and “Mother.”
Tony Bates, CIMG, LLC                                                       Megan Light

119 Bowling Avenue                                                              913 Broadmoor Drive

Nashville, TN 37205                                                               Nashville, TN 37216                                                              

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