Ross Davis Is Building His Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road by Ross Davis

Ross Davis has been busy building his Yellow Brick Road and this 7 song collection does not disappoint.

As the image above suggests, this is music you can chillax to, vibe out to, and roll down your windows and ride out to.

These 7 originals have a vintage feel but Ross does a great job of adding his own spice for a unique experience that falls somewhere in the spectrum of rock and folk-rock.

Ross is songwriter and musician based in Indianapolis, Indiana but he has also worked with talented musicians in Nashville (among other places). Joining him on Yellow Brick Road are Grammy award winning session guitarist Brent Mason and Juno Award-nominated Canadian songwriter Annabelle Chvostek.

Michael Graham of The Lodge Recording Studios is the man responsible for mixing and engineering duties on this record…and it sounds great.

Drawing influence from classics such as Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, and Mary Chapin Carpenter, Ross Davis lays his own path in rock music with Yellow Brick Road.

Go grab your copy.

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This Time (video)


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