Remove Facebook Timeline(r) for now…

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Facebook Timeline is here to Stay.

But, you may be able to work around it  – assuming you are one of the 3 people who hate it that badly.

Before I go farther, here, let me warn you that this is not for the faint of heart when it comes to jerking around with your internet browser. You should also be aware that you may spend a while setting this up only to find that it doesn’t work.

Do You Like the Timeline? Tell us why.


While talking with some good folks about getting their new Facebook setting right, so that they would quit missing status updates, I realized how many were also asking me about removing the Timeline and viewing Facebook in the old way. I told them I had been researching that, and that I would post instructions for them today.

Sometimes I should keep my mouth shut!

So, anyways, I came home from a lovely Christmas celebration with the fam and logged into Chrome, Firefox, and the dread Internet Explorer. I pounded the search engines and brought up everything I could find about switching back from Timeline to the old Facebook. I did not find much. 12 articles by different “writers” were all basic “copy and paste” writing, so I closed most of them and dug in for some light coding. I’m no code-master, so this always makes me a bit nervous – don’t worry, the worst you’ll do is blow up the whole internet.

What I learned about switching to the old facebook view.

  1. It ain’t hard.
  2. It ain’t easy.
  3. It might not work.
I found 3 methods that may or may not work for you. One of them worked for me last night and does not work today. Thus, you aren’t going to get all the pretty screenshots, pics, and cool instructions I made for you, just the basics.

How to do it on a Windows system

In Internet Explorer, go to the tools > developer tools the window will open and right at the top, you will see “Browser Mode” click and switch it to IE 7. Now go log into Facebook, and maybe you will see your profile in the old view. This will apply to your view. Everyone else will still see it in the Timeline view, so If yours isn’t pretty like mine, you may want to dress it up a bit.

In Firefox, go to “Add-ons” and add on “User Agent Switcher”. Next open the options for the toolbar (right click toolbar and open options), from the window that opens, find the User Agent icon and drag it into the toolbar. Close options, and click the User Agent tool, set it to IE 7. Log into Facebook, and you might see your profile in the old view. Again this will only apply to you so make sure that your profile looks nice and is very cool, like mine 😉

In Chrome, from your desktop, right click your chrome icon, or go through the start menu till you find it. Bring up the Chrome options, and find the “target” link. You will append a bit of code to it. Make it look like this:

C:Usersyour-usernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)”

Now open Chrome and log into Facebook. If you are lucky you (guess what) possibly will see your old Facebook style. You might not. So, go look up my profile and try to make yours look as snappy as mine.


    • says

      You can try the methods listed, they may work for a while. Basically, if you are going to use facebook, you are stuck with it, at this point.
      Give it a whirl, you just may come to like it :)

  1. Sandi Boley says

    I will quit facebook if Timeline is here to stay Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease remove me from timeline. I don’t like that they don’t show all my friends on the side like the old one. They removed my pictures I had on my regular Facebook.. Even on my regular Facebook. Facebook doesn’t show my wall as I see it. I love my old Facebook and so does my friends Please return my Facebook and make it so my friends can see it with my pictures the way I see it. I don’t want Timeline not at all.

    • says

      Sandi, sorry to say, but at this point, you are just out of luck. Timeline is here to stay. It is doubtful that FB actually deleted your content, it is probably there in a way that you just haven’t noticed, yet. I think that once you are used to it, you will come to appreciate the new layout. We are available to help, if you have specific questions about using the new settings.

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