Philly, Get Ready for Positive Revolution

Revolution is on Soundcloud!
Revolution is on Soundcloud!

This week, I’ve been getting some good music in the ol’ mailbox, but this new track from Revolution really stands out! Not just a “positive attitude” song, it’s straight-up a testament to faith – something I needed to hear, right now. You see, as I write, it’s one of those faith-trying times. The fam is gathered in Ft. Worth, TX to send one of our own on home, and we could all use this reminder that someone is in our corner.

This song (video below), I had the honor of performing at a suicide prevention concert in downtown Philadelphia, Pa (my hometown). Until you’ve been to the depths of hurt and loneliness, you’ll never understand the power of a kind word and a loving friend or family member in your corner. The concert was put on by an organization known as “My Brother’s Keeper”, started by Ihsan Hines a.k.a ‘Purpose’ after the suicide of his younger brother Atif Hines. (!blogger-feed/cb57)

>>FF>> a few days

Back from Texas and sort of back in the swing of things, I’m reminded of how Revolution’s tune stuck with me all that day and into the evening, as I did my best to console my grieving wife, who lost her mother and grandmother in one night. I kept thinking, “I’m in your corner, and there’s someone in mine…” and holding her hand a little tighter. Needless to say, I was really happy that I had taken a few minutes to listen to “In your Corner,” that afternoon.

He’s right, it’s impossible to understand the power of positive re-affirmation, and when you combine it with Revolution’s story and a dope beat, it’s even more amazing. So, I just gotta say I’ll be diggin’ this joint on my playlist pretty reg’lar like, if you  know what I mean…

I’ll let the song and Revolution tell you the rest of the story on his site, at: Join The Revolution

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