Paul Foster Presents Photographs, Epitaphs, and Frosted Glass

Photographs Epitaphs and Frosted Glass by Paul Foster Paul Foster is a busy man.

In our interview, we discussed finding a balance between children, wife, life, and music as well as influences and Paul’s background.

Paul also leads the National Guard band but today we are here to talk about the collection of songs Paul has intriguingly titled Photographs, Epitaphs, and Frosted Glass.

Paul’s songs range from quirky and humorous to deep and beautiful but no matter which song you are listening to it becomes obvious Mr. Foster has a unique style that he can confidently call his own.

Coming from a family of musicians and being influenced by a wide range of styles, Paul weaves his creativity through various genres to create a positive, uplifting aural experience.

From Paul’s bio:

…He writes music for people who studied English in college but quit because they ran out of money.

Paul Foster is a regular, down-to-earth guy who loves creating his own style of music. He is a father, songwriter, and a human. Power to the people!

My favorites include ‘Heart Monitor’, ‘Don’t Knock It’, ‘Sacred’, and…. ok I really like them all but if you are not hooked by the time you make it through ‘Sacred’ there might be something wrong with your ears.

Anyone who enjoys great music and fun songwriting will want to grab a copy of this album. Head on over to Paul’s website and show your support.

You can also connect on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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