Musicians – A Spotlight for You in New York!

logo2013From our friend Dani at Creative Spotlights: Musicians and Music Lovers will all want to check out this great series in NYC!

The hottest NYC Entertainment Networking event of the winter!

Spotlight Your Talent provides opportunities to build stronger relationships in the entertainment industry! Take advantage of this opportunity, bring your cards, and bring a smile :) We will be showcasing some of NYC`S Most Talented Upcoming Artists!

Presented by The Red Shark Entertainment and Creative Spotlights.

Hosted by radio personality J Niice, the Feb 28 show will feature Danny Severance, Kiirstin Marilyn, Natalia Segura, The R.O.A.R., and Downbeat Keys.

Is this for musicians or fans?

Well, the short answer is both! Fans should have a great time at these shows. All the bands are respected enough that they have generated enough buzz among the bigger players in the industry to make them want to check them out, live. Yeah, they are that good!

Musicians – you’ll want to be there to hear some great stuff from your peers and to take notes to prepare yourself for the next one. Would you like to be seen on stage in front of the likes of Hooked by Rachel (Vocab Mag),, Nuna, Mighty Eggplant Productions (photo booth), Worldcast inc., Balls Vodka and representatives from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation? I thought you might… (contact Dani Felt at Creative Spotlights).

Admission is Free by RSVP here –

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