More Tips For Increasing Band Equity On ReverbNation

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Is anyone listening

In our previous post, we highlighted 3 ways to up your ReverbNation rank.

How about some more tips?


We could spend an entire semester on e-mail marketing, but that’s for another day.

FanReach is ReverbNation’s e-mail management system.

It allows you to collect fan e-mails, store and manage those e-mails, as well as send messages to fans who have opted-in.

You should treat your e-mail list as your VIP. These people have shown enough interest in your music to willingly hand over access to their inbox.  This is not an easy feat and you should show the proper respect.

FanReach also gives you the option of sending messages to all of your Myspace friends.  This makes contacting all 5,324 of your Myspace fans a breeze, but unfortunately 99.9% of bands are abusing the system.

The implementation of FanReach into the Myspace system led to a never-ending spam orgy of epic proportions.

Now although none of this information has directly told you how to increase your Band Equity with FanReach, I think you get the idea.

If you treat your e-mail list with respect, the results will bring blessings to your Band Equity score.


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