Mid Tenn Listens ep.43 with Dick McVey – Music Business Seminar

Music Business Seminar in Nashville June 6 – 9

Dick McVey is the “Ambassador of Music” for the state of West Virginia. He has made over 500 appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, and over five hundred recording and production credits to his name. Gold records and multiple awards adorn his walls, including one for his promotion work with the late George Jones.

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Yes, the fellow has been around the music block a time or two and has some great information and experience to share. That’s what he’ll be doing on June 5-9 during CMA Fest in Nashville, TN at the Sam Ash store on Gallatin Pk.

Today, I got to talk with Dick about the Music Business Seminar and the topics that will be covered. Business vs. Art, personal promotion, demo production, web presence, and many more subjects will be covered during the 5 days of training. With McVey’s easy attitude and extensive knowledge, I imaging this will be a fun, and fast-paced event not to be missed.

With music business programs and seminars often costing in the heavy hundreds and often being available only on line, this one stands out. $25 by the day or $100 for the week for advance tickets gets you into a Live, personal experience right here in Middle Tennessee.

Indie musicians: have a listen to our conversation, and make your reservations, now! To get your tickets lined up, stop by http://www.dickmcvey.com/seminar to grab the phone number and email to get the ball rolling.

By the way, just after we wrapped up, Mr. McVey made me an offer I couldn’t turn down… without spilling all the details – I’ll see you there (particularly on Sunday in the “internet promotion section”… hint).

Today was Dick’s first ever experience on G+ and I’ll have to work on him a bit to get him introduced and having fun with the rest of us, but ’til then, you can easily follow him on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/dick.mcvey.3  His posts are full of perfect vocal advice, ( by “perfect,” I mean “I’ve never seen one that was wrong, my momma was a vocalist and coach, so I have a clue – I still can’t sing, by I know how you’re “supposed” to) I gotta admit, he’s been one of my favorites to have in my news feed since day 1.

Your humble jedi writer got a pleasant surprise just after the conclusion of the “official” interview! Out of the blue, Dick asked me if I may want to join him on stage for a section of Sunday’s seminar, during the internet promotion section q/a. Wow, I’m honored, and as I responded, “it doesn’t matter what horse and buggy I have to steal, I’ll be there!”

If you are in the Nashville or even general Middle Tennessee area, as an independent musician, you probably don’t want to miss this one. I know I’m looking forward to it, and hope to see you there.

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