Mental Monky Ballet is Breaking The Law

I’ll quote this directly from their website:

“Article in Sweden’s biggest web based music magazine “MUSIKINDUSTRIN”. American company Applehead Films and Records has signed a contract with the Swedish Rock/Alternative group Mental Monky Ballet. An EP and single is up for release in early 2014.”

The EP, “Breaking The Law'” was released in February along with the single “Into The Open.”Mental Monky Ballet EP front cover

I listened to the EP. The title track “Into The Open” starts with a deceptively calm synth with the voice of an angel singing over it. Two lines of lyrics, almost whispered. Out of nowhere I am punched in the face by a galloping guitar and bass driven powerhouse sound that demands to be turned up loud. This song is crafted very well, and my favorite section is the slide guitar in the middle…didn’t see that coming. I strongly urge you to view the Youtube video of this track.

The last song on the EP is called “Get Around This.” This is just plain good songwriting. The chord progression is dreamy and the mixing is very good, very clear and clean. That can be said for each song on the EP. Every one of the seven tracks is extremely well performed and the production is heavenly. I notice a very strong balance that presents itself in the vocals, with Vivi Lundström’s vocals center and flanked by the backing vocals on the left and right. Very solid.

This band is tight. I mean the kind of tight that comes from playing together a lot. Stockholm based Monky Ballet consists of vocalist Vivi Lundström, keyboardist Anna Wennersten, guitarist Nino Prekratic, drummer Håkan Englund, bassist (and cutie pie) Maxa Fon Pashayeva, and backing vocalist Linnea Simon. The band was founded in February of 2013.

I won’t tell you about each song on the EP, but I will tell you that two songs are my favorites, “Different” and “Get Around This.” I would like to find the lyrics so I can be sure of what I’m hearing.

I highly recommend you check these guys out. They categorize themselves as Rock/Pop/Alternative.

You can visit their page here. You can visit them on Facebook here. See them on Youtube here. And you can find them at Reverb Nation also.

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