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Mark-TraphagenBelow is a bit of a post genius, Mark Traphagen shared this morning. It has been very helpful to lots of folk, as evidenced by the quick stream of “Thank You’s.”

I have shared it here, and with the attached video to show what happens when you re-purpose a G+ Post. Do it right, and the Rel=Author markup tag is Included! That’s right, no mucking about trying to remember how! Groovy!

 Feb 9, 2012  –  Public

Google+ Tip: Grab a Link to Your Google+ Post

Did you know you can link directly to any of your public posts on Google+, and anyone can see the linked post, even if they aren’t signed in to Google?

It’s very easy to do, and there are two ways to do it:

1. Right click the time stamp just after the poster’s name and copy the link.
2. Click the arrow in a circle to the right of the poster’s name and select “link to this post.”

You can then use that link anywhere else on the web (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to link back to that post!

How did I get the timestamp to automatically include re=author tags? Simple! Copy it and paste it into a new post using the “Visual” editor view.

How did I learn this? The same way I learn everything….   Accident! I just happened to notice when I was working on this post by Danielle Bowers.

To complete the Rel=Author markup:

Make sure that when you use this method of “guest post” you have two things in place:

1. You need a “Guest Author” or similar profile on the site. It doesn’t need any info, it just needs to exist.

2. You will need to add this code to the php files in your wordpress index:

Open your functions.php file and paste the codes below:

view source  (Thanks, WP-Beginner!)
01 add_filter( 'the_author''guest_author_name' );
02 add_filter( 'get_the_author_display_name','guest_author_name' );
04 function guest_author_name( $name ) {
05 global $post;
07 $author = get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'guest-author', true );
09 if $author )
10 $name $author;
12 return $name;
13 }

That’s it! Write the post, set the author to “Guest” and the rel=author markup is included. Oh, yeah, one more thing… Be sure you send the “guest poster” the link to the post and have them add it to the “Contributor To” section of their G+ Profile to complete the “circle” of rel=author.

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