Mark Etheredge Is Change Coming

Change Coming by Mark Etheredge

Mark Etheredge is a California based singer-songwriter that combines elements of adult contemporary,  jazz, new age, and fusion to create a sophisticated pop music in the vain of Steely Dan or Michael MacDonald.

After working for 21 years in a software career, Mark felt a void. He was unfulfilled. He had a passion for music and the software just wasn’t satisfying his tuneful desires.

Change Coming (Vipaka Records) helped Mark rediscover the rewards of writing lyrics and composing music. On this album, he produced, arranged, and orchestrated the entire thing.

He started with demos recorded at home and moved into The Annex in Menlo Park, California for tracking and mixing. This collection of songs is keyboard-driven but is tastefully complimented by a full band.

If Etheredge’s songwriting skills are not enough for you, Change Coming was tracked and mixed by engineer Forrest Lawrence (Joan Baez, Chris Martin). Joining him in the studio were some Bay Area masters including Tower of Power saxman Tom Politzer, Weather Girl Charlene Moore, and Two Tons of Fun’s Jeanie Tracy.

To top all that, the record was mastered by none other than Grammy Award winning engineer Rainer Gembalczyk.

Definitely a winning combo!

“This is the album I always wanted to make,” Etheredge says. “Everything took longer than I thought it would, but I just kept pushing forward. I knew I had to get the album done, share it and connect with people.”

Change Coming is now available.

I Would (video)



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