Light it Up! “FireWork” – Midnight Mosaic

Firework-album-cover-midnight-mosaicFire Work is the new album release from Midnight Mosaic. I am digging on the sound these musicians are putting out! This is a high-energy album that highlights and combines their many influences, and combines them well. Throughout the album you can detect rock, a little R&B, some funk sounds, a bit of soul and even a hint of electronica.

They will be releasing a video to accompany the single “Right To Die” in early January. This song is quick to make you tap your feet or fingers along with the beat. Before long your head will be joining in too. Vocals and guitar are right on time in this song, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The track “Abyss” has some great, funky bass-lines but for me, my favorite on this album is “Amnesty” – it kicks ass! I hear many influences in it, and it makes me think of tunes from Dream Theater, Collective Soul and Living Colour. It has some really powerful vocals, and I love the way it flows.

“Underdog”is another one… In part of the song it brings to mind Shinedown. But let me clarify, this group is far from a copy of any one particular sound. Each song manages to bring in the sounds and the various influences from many genres, and make them sound like they belong together.

The first few notes of “My Fair Lady” make you think it’s going in a more electronica direction, but after those initial few notes you realize that it’s more of a funk meets R&B with a little rock mixed in. Though we do get a little bit more of the electronica sound again later. It’s a really good tune, with some great vocals.

I love howMidnight Mosaic managed to meld all of their influences together and done so quite successfully. You can tell that they enjoy playing their music, and they have a passion for it as well. Listening to the energy that they put into the music in the studio, I can only imagine what they would be like in a live performance. This is a really good and innovative album, and I would recommend it highly to anyone.



  1. Midnight Mosaic says

    Thank you Elizabeth we are flattered and humbled great piece on us. Happy Holidays from all of us!

    Midnight Mosaic

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