Kung Fu Academy’s Super 8 Flashback

Kung Fu Academy Now this is as tasty a jam as my grandmother’s secret recipe.

Bobby (vocals/guitar), Laurence (guitar), Duncan (bass) and Fraser (drums) had no intentions of forming Kung Fu Academy.

But, while studying music at Napier University, their teacher brought these four musicians together for a one-off performance.

As if it was meant to be, they had a musical chemistry none could deny. So what did they do?

They toured Scotland.

Super 8 Flashback is the follow up to their commercially and critically acclaimed Dirty Honey EP and it is definitely the jam.

Beautiful, well crafted guitar tones. Grooves that leave you no choice but to dance. And an appeal that will cater to various types of music listeners.

Whether you are busting a move to the lead single Super 8 Flashback or jamming air guitar to the break in the funky, blues rock extravangza Junction, it becomes obvious this group of musicians know their music.

The slower and more chill Warpaint is a refreshing pause in an onslaught of audio sensations dedicated to making you move and groove until you fall. Again, the guitar tones are so beautiful…

Please hold while I play my air guitar along with the solo in Warpaint… Awesomesauce.

Kung Fu Academy are a musical force that will be burning up dance floors and blowing out tube amps to a much wider audience very soon.

The band is supported by Whimsical Records.

Super 8 Flashback will be available April 15th, 2013.

You can connect with the band on Facebook.

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