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My buddy KT sent me a pre-release copy of “Rented” by a new group in Murfreesboro, TN, Ashes of Folly and I jumped to get the scoop just as fast as possible. That was a minute ago… and as usual, Kevin and I have taken our time, so now – with no further farking off – here’s our interview with Ashes of Folly

So, Kevin, tell me about your new project in the Mid Tenn music scene with Ashes Of Folly. How did you get together and what is the main idea behind the group?
In the spring of 2013 I received a message along with other established musicians in the middle Tennessee area regarding our friend Rick Perry. Rick and I played together in Subrosa in the early nineties. We learned that our friend had spent the last few years losing everything to addiction and was in dire straits living on the streets in Colorado. After Learning of his situation our community of local musicians pitched in to get him off the streets and on a plane back to Nashville for a chance at a new life.
Perry had written vigorously over the last years, playing open mic nights and street corners and recording a few tracks along the way but he never formed a band. Shortly after “waking up” back in Tennessee Perry contacted me to help develop some of this massive library he’d accumulated. After we started playing a few of the songs, Perry contacted well known middle Tennessee musician Sammy Baker and asked him to play drums. We began rehearsing shortly thereafter.

The name of the band comes from a short story Perry wrote and it seemed fitting that out of all the downfalls he had gone through there, could be light. So, out of the ashes of folly comes this project.

 Have you left The Goldroom?

I have not left The GoldRoom in fact we had an awesome show at Foobar last night in east Nashville.

Ashes of FollyWho’s who in Ashes Of Folly? You’ve been gigging a little. How’s the reception?

As of now we are remaining a three piece with Perry on guitar and vocals Sammy Baker drums and backing vocals and myself on bass and backing vocals.

We played our first show at Wall Street in Murfreesboro to a receptive crowd and you can see some live footage of that show on our Facebook page. We were happy with the performance and got some ideas for improvements as well.

On the subject of gigging… You’ve quite a bit of experience playing in the Middle Tennessee area for nearly twenty years (yeah, dude, it’s been that long!) and dealing with the challenges of getting a project noticed. Has that process been eased by things you’ve learned, and is there something you’d like to have known when you first started?

Steady and methodical is our approach. Perry recently discussed Ashes Of Folly at WMTS 88.3 during a two hour radio show on the station regarding the history of Sammy Bakers musical career around the world and in the middle Tennessee. They played the new single “Rented”. Networking and being kind to your peers is key today same as it was twenty years ago. The difference is the avenues available globally today via the internet. Possibilities are endless. Yeah I will say it would have been nice to have that type of connection with fans in the early days. That being said, we currently have music available on Reverb Nation, Facebook, Sound Cloud and YouTube. We will be finishing up the first EP and distributing through iTunes and other sites in the coming months.

Back to the topic!
Tell us about “Rented.” What’s it about? What inspired it? You know all that stuff the ladies want to know, man …

Perry has supplemented income via restaurant work most of his life and “Rented” is about the servers dilemma. Perry writes about how zeroed out pay checks and tipping out other essential employees (people who clean tables, food runners, hosts, etc) leads to the company paying little to nothing to their servers. Essentially Perry accesses how servers and bartenders rent their sections from the restaurant for the day while they sell the restaurants product for them. Many of AOF’s songs have intense story content dealing with life and death with addiction and homelessness but “Rented” is a good example of Perry’s ability to write about mundane thoughts or everyday human experiences.

Where are you playing and what kind of weather should we prepare for at Ashes Of Folly shows?

We will be booking more shows for late fall and winter 2013-2014. Dates and venues to be announced via our social media pages.

Where can we find some MUSIC?! The preview mix of “Rented” rocks, so I can’t wait to hear more.
We are working on a seven inch release of “Rented” and the second single “Family” in the coming months. As of now you can find Ashes Of Folly on Facebook, Twitter, Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation and YouTube.

Are you ready to sell me that Les Paul, yet?

I’m sorry to say the Les Paul has found a new home. I found a nice MIA Jazz Bass that I really wanted. You will see it in the video. However, I’m kicking myself for letting it go if it makes you feel any better. [ed. “grrrrr”]

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