Its Time You Listen To Step Daddy

Step Daddy

Although Seattle hasn’t traditionally been one of the cities that pops up first in conversation about music meccas, I think we should highly consider changing that tradition. Some of the rawest soul blazing hard rock has been produced in this great city and the soundtrack to my life would be missing entire chapters without it.

We could sit here and list an amazing roster of Seattle bands that have left their aural legacies with us, but right now I think it’s time you just listen to Step Daddy.

Brian Opalewski (bass), Kit van der Jagt (Guitar/vocals), Ben Reece(Guitar), and Paul Turner(Drums) have combined frequencies to create their own unique blend of hard rock brew.

The intellect of jazz riding on the back of pounding syncopated rhythms enforced by a thick layer of bass lines provide an infectious soundscape that are complemented well by memorable melodies, playful lyrics, and an intense presence.

Think Jimmy Page in a jam session with Tom Morello getting ready to take the stage with Alice In Chains. Imagine Bonham behind the kit and when Faith No More comes out for an encore, don’t wet your pants.

Step Daddy is a force to reckon with so I suggest you just stand up and RAWK!

Their latest release, Love, is now available.

Pannus Attack (video)


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