Interview with Sir Army Suit

MusicTree Festival will be going down June 7 – 11 in Manchester, Tennessee. We will be publishing info and features about the bands as we close in on this event. Feel free to check out our coverage from 2012.

Sir Army SuitLet everyone know who you are, where you are from and what style of music you play.

Sir Army Suit is a Chattanooga TN band who specialize in a rock/pop hybrid heavily influenced by the Beatles and 70s powerpop bands such as Big Star, Raspberries, Sparks, etc…

What do you do for fun? You know…besides music?

When not writing, recording, and performing our original tunes, Sir Army Suit enjoy watching classic horror and comedy movies of the 60s and 70s eras. We love a good man-in-a-goriila costume or werewolf wearing clothes!

What was the last song you listened to?

Currently, Wings and Badfinger records have been in heavy rotation at the SAS headquarters and yes, we love VINYL!

What did you listen to when you were younger? What do you listen to now? Have your tastes changed?

All of us greatly enjoy the music of our youth as well as keeping up with current trends in music: Father John Misty is a recent addition to our favorites list. But our tastes have always remained with cool, classically-styled rock n roll!

Was there an “ah-ha” moment in your life when you knew music would be the path you were going to walk?

Terry, Scott, and Brian all met each other in the mid-80s while performing as the Abstracts to college crowds across the Southeast. Fetchin Bones, Alex Chilton, Jonathan Richman, Let’s Active, and the Connells and a host of other Southern Alternative acts were all bands the Abstracts had the pleasure of performing with and the three have remained fast friends and collaborators ever since. Drummerman Jimmy Rock Growler is simply the best man for the job EVER!

How did you hear about Music Tree Fest? How do you feel about being a part of Music Tree Festival?

Our good friend and musical genius R. Stacy Palmer introduced us to the MusicTree team, and we couldn’t be happier to get the chance to be part of this exciting event!

Do you have plans for Bonnaroo?

Plans for Bonnaroo? Well, just maybe catching a certain young Englishman’s act. We heard this Sir Paul McCartney fellow might be an up-and-comer to keep an eye on!

Do you have an album available? Where can we get it? Where can people connect with you online?

Keep an eye on Sir Army Suit by visiting and check our Facebook page for plenty of music and the band geeking out over the old records we buy, and the recent monster movies we’ve dug up.

Any last thoughts? Shout outs?

See you all soon!

Brian King – Lead Hairdresser and Song Scribbler for SAS.

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