Interview with Heather Luttrell

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Heather LuttrellJumping right in, who are you? Where are you from? What style of music do you create?

I was born a small redheaded Possumdiva in Atlanta GA. I am a banjo and guitar pickin, blues belting, foot stomping, weird face making, barefoot dancing, whiskey drinking, picture painting, weed pulling, RV restoring, trail runner that desperately wants to be a vegetarian but can’t say no to bacon. I make music for the thinking drunk, or as we like to call it “BluesAmericanaDrunkFolk” . I don’t like to be catagorized. I write what comes out, sometimes those songs can be grouped into a genre, but I will probably break out of it the next song I write.

You grew up taking naps in your daddy’s guitar case… Have you ever thought about doing anything else other than music?

I have a knack for a lot of things so my path has been very varied and has lots and lots of turn offs, twists and turns. I have worked as a cook, construction worker, waffle house waitress, ditch digger, waitress, bartender, auto parts delivery girl, massage therapist (went to school for that one) managed a hair salon, and the most memorable is when I worked as an onion peeler in a food factory… yeah that one was rough.

Who or what (other than your father) influences your songwriting and playing style? Have your tastes changed/evolved over time?

My drummer and really everyone around me. I have a guy I call my muse, who is also an amazing musician named Bubba Hall who always turns me on to the best music. Things I didn’t like when I was younger have become the backbone of my musical being. Usually if I hate it the first time I hear it, I end up buying their entire catalog :) I really love women musicians that can play their instruments and get creative with it like Joni Mitchell, Ani Difranco, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls. I am especially drawn to good lyrics. I work very hard on putting out a quality product lyrically … although I have to admit I haven’t been able to get that damn new Miley Cyrus song out of my head… I don’t even have any idea where I heard it… Now it’s like a turd that wont flush…. ugh

What was the last song you listened to?

Mighty Mighty by Pierce Edens… Epic song..

Do you have a favorite studio where you record? Or a favorite producer you enjoy working with?

I really loved working with the Scrap Yard in Nashville, James Salter is definitely one of my favorite producers to work with and Rafael Pereira on my last album, Possumdiva was really awesome as well.

What role is the Internet / social media playing in promoting your music and connecting with fans? Any challenges you face or have had to overcome?

As much as I hate it, Facebook is an invaluable tool for connecting with fans. I don’t know how musicians ever booked gigs by mail/phone because it is a trying chore even with the miracle of the interweb. I hate booking. I hate that these days it is mostly up to the musician to do it until you hit that sweet spot where you can start delegating and giving away parts of your DIY career and get back to writing music 😉 My only challenge really is keeping up with all you have to stay on top of these days as a full time touring musician! My Girl Nikki Talley feels my pain. We are both insanely hard workers when it comes to this musical road dawg stuff!

Do you actively gig? Tour? Where can we see you perform?

We tour all over the East Coast right now but just bought an old RV we are fixing up so we can get out there to see that other ocean sometime early next year! And this is all we do. Me and my drummer (the touring section of the band) are full time musicians/artists. Actually my whole band is now that I think about it. You can see where we are touring and schtuff like that on our Website or, of course, Facebook…

Is there an album available? Where can we get it?

I have actually put out 5 albums

  • Drive it Like you Stole it
  • Grits N Pulp
  • Pomegranate
  • Live From the Kirkwood Public House
  • Possumdiva

and you can get all of them on my website too, also on Itunes and CDbaby. But you should get them from me.. I put little surprises in there with your order and decorate it all pretty :)

Where can we connect with you online?

Any last thoughts or shout outs?

Livin your dream is hard work but no other job “pays” better.

Spay and Neuter your pets.

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