Soviet era pop + UK new wave + Swing + Novy Twist = …What?!

This might be Tennessee but DZIERZYNSKI BITZ‘s music has made it all the way from Slovakia and it is impressive!

An international project headed by vocalist and group leader Wojciech Dzerzhinsky, DZIERZYNSKI BITZ is an afternoon drive through Soviet-era pop, new wave, novy twist, and synth accentuation.

Joined by Jerzy Jankulowski (synths), Aleksej Rodzinski (guitars), Todor Striczkow (bass), and Szymon Grechuta (drums), this band of musical talent has created something unique, inspiring, and long lasting.

There is no comparison in my mind to what I am hearing through my speakers but you can believe this mini orchestra is, or has been, influenced by the likes of Syd Barrett, Lotus Eaters, Talking Heads, and Aquarium.

DZIERZYNSKI BITZ is as authentic sounding as it is fresh. It is exciting. It is a James Bond soundtrack produced by a young and vibrant mind.

It’s  suave, it’s uplifting, and I can’t help but love it.

These guys have been getting some serious attention from the press and have been busy playing festivals and gigs across their area of the globe.

It’s only a matter of time before they take venture off across the globe. This music is awesomesauce and it needs to be shared.

You can grab I II III here. You can also hear their new single by going here.

Connect with the band on Facebook.

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