Erisa Rei Blackballed – Not a Chance!

Not her first sojourn with an independent record release, Middle Tennesse native, Erisa Rei is back with “Black Ball” on Creative and Dreams. I can tell you straight off that this disc won’t get her kicked out of Nashville any time soon!

Two decades of honing her craft on the musical and acting stages have more than paid off and within weeks of release “Black Ball” was showing up on charts all around. Rei has a reputation in the Nashville circles and it seems this latest effort has far surpassed even the highest of expectations.

Her voice is strong, it’s calming, smooth and smokey, it calls you home – compelling and haunting …. She’s like Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, and Adelle; she can move you with her voice. She’s got a way with metaphores and stories that draw you in and make you want to hear them again and again.

“Black Ball” kicks off with bluesy “Gypsy in the Desert” and the album’s title track which between them set a mood of introspection and determination which is felt throughout the record. Every song is beautifully crafted with lyrics like the chilling refrain in Winterlong, “stop stealing my laughter, while I’m catching hold of my dreams.”

From the more upbeat rockin’ bluesy numbers like “News to See” to the moody “Sojourn Band” and “Swing Back Home,” the arrangements and production are great! This record plays like so many favorite vinyls from back when, well, let’s just say a while ago.  You know how when Whitney Houston put out an album and you couldn’t figure out which song was actually the best because it was all so good? Yeah, it’s pretty much like that. Don’t tell my Ma I referenced Whitney -k?

Judging from the number of quotes that come up, “Black Ball” has set Nashville on fire in the last few months, and it’s easy to hear why!


“Today, Erisa is back in the fresh air and tall grass – this time in Spring Hill, Tennessee. With experience, maturity, and a few more miles under her belt, she’s taking her music to a whole new level.  Her latest project, “Black Ball” is a defining work, a vital and vibrant cry into the night that is already drawing industry attention.

This pulse-pounding compilation hit the scene in January and has already made its mark on Americana radio charts. “Black Ball” currently commanded the #2 spot on the Root Music Report’s Roots Rock internet charts, #27 on the Roots 66 charts, and burned up the track on the AMA charts. The allure of Erisa’s music is even more potent on the stage where she strikes sparks and shares the fire with every live performance.

Recently, Fred Cannon and Rose Drake – the visionaries behind the Creative & Dreams record label – felt that very heat at one of Erisa’s shows. Sitting in a deli in Franklin, Tennessee, with producer Paul Buono, they were intrigued by her mojo under the lights and, after speaking with her, they felt the fire burning deep in her bones. Inspiration struck, (as it always does,) and 2013 will see a new Erisa Rei released under the Creative & Dreams label.

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