Eric EQ Young Is Just For You

Just 4 You by Eric EQ Young

If you have been looking for your fix of passionate, high-energy funkadelic grooves, then Eric EQ Young is Just 4 You.

If you are a fan of Sly Stone, Prince, Con Funk Shun, or the SOS Band, then you will thoroughly enjoy this EP. It is full of intense funkadelic grooves that will cause you to dance all of your worries away.

Hailing from Bay Area, California, EQ has an impressive resume including opening for, playing with, and being signed by recognizable names in this thing known as the music business.

He received his first guitar at the age of 8. He found himself imitating Sly Stone but it was the strong influence of Larry Graham that led Eric to switch to learning bass as well as studying musical composition.

Of course, being in the Bay Area means Mr. Young was exposed to some incredible musicians and live shows including Tower of Power, Sly Stone, The Escovedos, and Pointer Sisters. You could say the greatness rubbed off on young Eric.

Taking on the pressure of living up to such greats, EQ was determined to master not only his instruments but his showmanship. I say he has succeeded.

After spending quite a bit of time putting all his efforts into being the best he could be, EQ found himself as a member of Radiance (who developed a local following and were signed by Quincy Jones). The band broke up after only 2 years but now Eric was more determined than ever to continue his journey through music.

In 1993 he appeared on Soul Train as part of Force One Network, another group signed by Quincy Jones.

He was also approached by Michael Cooper (manager of Con Funk Shun) about playing guitar with him as part of Cooper’s solo career. Con Funk Shun soon reunited and they moved EQ to bass. He has continued this relationship for two decades.

EQ’s band is quite the diverse make-up of talent including: 3 keys with backgrounds in Pop, Jazz, and Gospel, a guitar player rooted in Rock, a percussionist with a foundation in Latin music(s), vocalists rooted in Soul and R&B, and a drummer with roots in Funk.

Together this team delivers a top-notch live performance and enough funk and soul to make your cup runneth over.

Grab your copy of Just 4 You.

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Funk Jam with Graham Central Station (video)



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