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Frank Palangi went into the studio with Record Producer, Rogers Masson at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville, TN. Here is an inside look at his journey from New York to Nashville. Take a look at the video diaries and music videos by Frank Palangi.

Rogers says, “This is the baddest rhythm section in the land, and along with the vocal guidance of singer Josh Brown, Frank’s songs are going to turn out amazing.” Frank also co-produced the album. Mastered by Rogers Masson and Grammy Award winner Gavin Lurssen.

Video diary of Frank Palangi leaving from New York to Nashville, TN to record with Rogers Masson

Also, check out these music videos and live performances of Frank Palangi.

Love music video

More videos

Rembemberance music video

Frank Palangi performing “I’m Waiting” at the Northern Lights Club in Clifton Park, NY

Frank Palangi band opening up for double- platinum band, FUEL on June 22, 2012

Frank Palangi covering Led Zeppelin/Godsmack tune, “Good Times Bad Times”


    • brenda says

      Have to say Frank Palangi is one hard working young man .. what doesn’t he do .. he sings he writes and though I have yet to see him live I can see in photos and videos that he gives 100% in a performance.. just check him out on .. he gives his all weather hes playing to 1 or 100 people .. a true artist .. he oozes rockstar and yet stays humble and open to his fans .. I can’t be any prouder of him and glad to be one of Palangi’s Angels

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