Crooked Saws Record in Mo-Fi

Today I want to introduce you to a band called Crooked Saws and their authentic, soulful blues rock we shall call Mo-Fi.

With 2 microphones and an old reel to reel machine, Crooked Saws spent an afternoon recording this album.

Using Kickstarter, (reference our discussion on crowdsourcing), they raised $500. The album was pressed, they began booking shows, and then Jesse met death…but, fortunately, he is still here.

After a 6 week hospital visit and 3 months of recovery, Crooked Saws decided it was time to get to work.

In under 6 months, they have opened for Reignwolf, have been featured on Field & Stream’s popular show Hook Shots as well as the Outdoor Channel’s award-winning show Head Hunters.

They also won the 1st round of Famous Dave’s Battle of the Blues Bands.

When you click play, hear the first notes, and then tune into Jesse’s vocals and lyrics; you are immediately pulled into this blues experience. When you get knocked down, you get back up again.

This is exactly what Crooked Saws has done on this album. As you keep listening, you tend to forget that there’s only 2 people, but the one thing you cannot deny is the amount of soul that has been placed in this record.

This is as authentic as a blues record can get. One take, 2 tracks, a reel to reel machine, and nothing but soul.

Even though you can download this album for free, I went ahead and sent them some money for it.

If you’re a fan of blues rock, I suggest you head over to Bandcamp and do the same.

You can connect with the band on Facebook and Twitter. Or go visit their website.

Mo-Fi by Crooked Saws
Mo-Fi by Crooked Saws

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