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Two years ago, songs starting coming to me. I tried to block them out – they persisted. So I bought a guitar. I wrote. I recorded. My first release hit #1 in Las Vegas.

I made some important decisions. To not relive the rock n roll life, I chose Country. To take money out of the equation, I decided to donate all royalties to charity.

A quote from Billy Kay who spear-headed the “Country for a Cause” record, available now on Shade Tree…

The proceeds from “Country for a Cause” go to support The Shade Tree women and children’s shelter in Las Vegas Nevada.  After a couple of very personal experiences, Billy Kay “… decided to reach out to some of the artists I’ve met over the last 2 years. I fully expected to be rejected, but each and every one opened their hearts and donated a track to the project. ”

Featuring independent musicians from all over the states and the UK, the record is being promoted around the world from the middle of the Nashville Universe to the land Down Under. Utilizing the internet, and Twitter in particular, Billy Kay and the musicians involved have developed a close bond and  a growing community of supporters that are spreading the word about this great cause everywhere. It really is a perfect example of social media going right.

Sponsoring Sites

All Indie – Butterflies Radio

Team Loxly

The Nashville Universe

Lesruba Designs (

Billy Kay et al.

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