Cojones Bend To Transcend

Get ready to rock with Zagreb, Croatia’s one and only Cojones and their unique style of alternative-psychedelic-stoner rock on Bend To Transcend.

These guys played Stone From The Underground 2012, one of the biggest underground music festivals in Europe, and they have completed 5 European tours with stops in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia.

It all began in 2006 when these 4 guys went into a rehearsal place, down tuned their guitars, cranked up the volume, and (unaware to them) they would soon become known as Cojones.

This band is the epitome of a do-it-yourself group. In the summer of 2012, they released Bend To Transcend on vinyl and as a digital download. All merchandise surrounding this release was handmade and printed by the band members.

Talk about some original artwork and some serious added value to the music. Bands, musicians, and artists take note. Marketing tips 101.

Cojones is supported by Sonic Doom Records and they released their first album in 2007. They toured in 2008 and started recording again. Those songs were released in 2009. In other words these guys stay busy.

Bend To Transcend includes 8 songs of pure stoner-alt-psychedelic rock madness.

If the Foo Fighters hooked up with Soundgarden to record an album with Baroness and Queens Of The Stone Age, it would sound something like this.

This is an excellent blend of rock styles that a wide range of listeners can enjoy. The band is about to go on tour again throughout Europe, so it would be helpful if you could grab Bend To Transcend and show them your support.

Connect with the band on Twitter and Facebook or visit their website.

Cojones - Bend To Transcend - cover
Cojones – Bend To Transcend

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