Chastity Brown’s “Backroads Highways” lead to Europe!

“Chastity Brown is that rarity, an R&B singer not in thrall to the diva delusion. Her folk-blues style instead comes from an earthier tradition…languid slide guitar and a ghostly burr of organ underscore “House Been Burnin,” while fellowship for the foreclosed and abandoned in “When We Get There” is evoked in Dylanesque harmonica and the way her voice cracks on the highest notes. Songs of return and redemption predominate.” -Andy Gill, The Independent, July, 2013

2013-01-06 19.15.14Gill and a slew of others are as impressed with CDMN artist Chastity Brown as we are, it seems. After reviewing “Backroads Highways” several months ago, I jumped at the chance to see Chastity at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, where we sat down afterward for a nice chat.

Recently, Rose from CDMN sent news that that Chastity is going to the U.K. and Europe for a nice tour! The whole Creative and Dreams staff get real excited working with the Minnesota native who recorded her latest in Nashville under the guidance of none other than Fred Cannon. It’s easy to see why, too.

Brown is unflappably down to earth while centered in a spiritual realm occupied by the purest poetic musical hearts. As I mentioned, we sat down to chat for a few minutes, but that quickly turned into over an hour of deep conversation about childhood memories, human struggles, temptations of being an artist, and so much more that I felt deeply connected to her as we parted company.

Brown has scheduled 23 dates in the U.K. the Netherlands, Germany and other parts of eastern Europe from Sept 12 through Oct 12 2013. That’s a busy month! Check out the schedule, on her tour page.

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