Chase Enriquez Goes Til The Flame Burns Out

Til The Flame Burns Out by Chase Enriquez Chase Enriquez is a mixture of epic rock and roll singer, soulful rapper, and pop balladeer.

His new album Til The Flame Burns Out represents the natural evolution of a man who has been working on his craft for a long time.

Once known as Curse, Chase made his first appearance on Middle Ground’s album From The Ground Up which was distributed on Rawkus Records.

While in Chicago he released his first solo effort, “Seriously”. Bouncing down to Atlanta, Curse then released “Sneakers N Sex” with DJ Cannon of the Aphilliates.

After a brief stint as a front man for a heavy metal band, Chase teamed up with SunNY and hit the road for a small 7 city tour to promote their collaborative Wealthy Emigrants EP and their respective solo projects.

Originally from San Diego, Cali, Chase now has his feet down in Los Angeles as he continues promoting the release of this new album.

Til The Flame Burns Out is an atmospheric, pop-infused epic wall of sound led by Chase’s vocals as he bounces back and forth from R&B crooner to rapper all the way to arena rock ballad singer.

The opening “Night On Fire” will have you raising your fist in the air pumping to the beat. Moving on down the tracklist to “Her Song”, we get to see a different side of Chase as he bears his soul over a somberly piano track guaranteed to make your nerves tingle.

Til The Flame Burns Out is a fresh approach to the previous attempts at genre crossing. Chase has blended various styles that, despite their differences on the base level, each represent who Chase Enriquez truly is.

Another song worth mentioning is the lead single, “Tell Me Why”. You can view the video above.

Go grab your copy of Til The Flame Burns Out then connect with Chase on Facebook or Twitter.

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