Cata9tales Takes It To Another Plane With A Chameleon’s Dream

A Chameleons Dream by Cata9tales

Cata9tales is from another planet.

Since this is the first time I have seen the label hypercore in a genre description, allow me to illuminate.

Cata9tales is what would happen if Beck drank insane amounts of coffee with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and decided to put out a hip hop album with the Beastie Boys.

After featuring production and songwriting from Radiohead and Eminem, they send the record off to be mastered by an extra-terrestrial species. Only then would it be ready for mass consumption by earthlings.

Berkley Priest and Kreator team up with live musicians of their choosing to create this amazing soundscape. The musicians may change but Berkley and Kreator are always putting in over time.

These guys have managed to develop a loyal following by extensively touring the Southeast. Be on the lookout for their next appearance.

Hailing from Virginia, Cata9tales keeps a solid foundation in hip hop while including elements of electronica, funk, and rock. I do believe hypercore is the most fitting label though.

I can imagine aliens in their spaceships bumping A Chameleon’s Dream full blast.

Check out the video for Ghettotron below.



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