Brian Larney at The Starting Line

Brian Larney at The Starting Line Have you ever been the guy quietly jamming along in this band or that band but know deep down inside there’s a solo artist inside?

Brian Larney will be At The Starting Line ready to unleash his on July 18 (2013).

Larney was raised in the Northeast and has always had a fetish for well-crafted songs. He used to arrive at school early so he could go in the piano room and practice harmonies.

He refers to his early works as “overly complicated 7-minute opuses.”

While playing in a wide array of bands, including the genres pop-punk, power pop, post-punk, and hardcore, Brian was in the background building his catalog of solo creations.

A self proclaimed sucker for hooks, Larney’s style of music is very uplifting and melodic. His acoustic guitar and a simple, expressive voice lead us through a series of well crafted songs resulting in an album you will keep in rotation long after it’s over.

“It’s a triumph of the spirit,” the Bridgeport, Connecticut artist says laughing playfully. “I always hid within bands so everything about this is like starting over, hence the title, At The Starting Line.

This is everything you enjoy about Wilco, Glenn Tilbrook, and Neil Finn wrapped up in one package.

Teaming up with David Mayfield at SUMA Recording Studios for production duties, Brian was able to step away from his sense of perfectionism and learn how to accept a more organic approach to recording.

 “In the past, when I recorded, I tried to make everything perfect. I would do so many takes. I squeezed the life out of the music,” Larney explains. “David brought out this air of ‘acceptance’ in the music where expression was paramount.”

This album will not disappoint you. Head on over to Brian’s website then connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

At The Starting Line will be available on July 18 (2013).

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