Big Lo’s Magnum Opiates Adventure

Who’s God’s right? Who’s God’s wrong? Who’s God’s weak? Who’s God’s strong? I found God at an opiate parlor in Hong Kong, being seduced by a harlot humming a love song.”

Despite the debauchery and degradation that might be signaled by the above quote, Big Lo‘s new album Magnum Opiates is the perfect display of master craftmanship.

Big Lo‘s Florida habitation should not be confused with his East Coast grimy style; reminiscent of some my favorite emcees including Immortal Technique, Big L, and those cats from the Wu-Tang Clan.

Magnum Opiates is the culmination of 2 years hard work which resulted in this conceptual 13 track album. Each song is able to stand on its own but together they form a hardcore Hip Hop album with deep intelligence. Similar to a Quentin Tarantino-esque audio book.

A master at telling stories, Big Lo weaves listeners in and out of this drug-filled, violent, harlot laden landscape to paint a bigger picture full of relevant social commentary.

Filling each song with insight, wisdom, and plenty of debauchery, Magnum Opiates is as entertaining as it is profound.

Big Lo’s signature sound has landed him collaborations with notable hip-hop heads such as Vast Aire, Tonedeff (QN5 Records), Beretta 9 of the Wu-Tang’s Killarmy and J Sands of Lone Catalysts.

You can grab your copy of Magnum Opiates from CD Baby.

Connect with Big Lo on Facebook or Twitter. To keep up with the latest news visit his website.

Be sure to check his tour dates in case he comes to your city.

Magnum Opiates by Big Lo
Magnum Opiates by Big Lo

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