“The Squirrel, The Bird, Nuts, and Berries”


“The Squirrel, The Bird, Nuts, and Berries” – or “Why You Can’t Include Everyone” There was a squirrel named Tom who lived at the top of the oak at the edge of Pa’s garden. He was a particularly fat and happy squirrel, having learned all the tricks for getting to the bird feeder which Pa […]

Sassy Singz – is Ready to take “Control”


First thought – Wow! This chick has a Voice! Second thought – Damn! This chick has a VOICE! Sassy Singz starts off “Control” with a pounding – and I mean pounding – kick drum that holds the rhythm for this track and is guaranteed to rattle car parts right off all over the nation. Then […]

I am Rawson – Pull Up Clean ft. Mystic Mic


It’s not every day that I listen to six hip-hop tunes in a day, much less spin the same one six times in a row! IamRawson sent over his latest “Pull Up Clean” featuring Mystik Mic, and I’m hooked! Dude spits rhymes nice and smooth, “see most these rappers shooks” they don’t have any sense […]