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Father, emcee, producer, music blogger. Joshua is a member of Manchester, TN Hip Hop collective BUNKS and co-founder of Middle Tennessee Music. Now in Sactown, CA, he actively tours, works with MPC Recording Company as Media Director and is also signed as an Artist.

Interview with Audio Moonshine

Audio Moonshine

We recently had the opportunity to interview Idaho-based band Audio Moonshine. Their new album, The Speakeasy Sessions, is now available. Let’s break some ice. Who are you? Where are you from? What style of music do you create? MY NAME’S JAKE RANSOM, I’M THE WRITER AND CREATOR OF AUDIO MOONSHINE. WERE FROM BOISE, ID. OUR […]

66X by Katagi

66X by Katagi

Make sure you don’t miss our recent interview with Katagi about his new album 66X. A Japanese-Canadian emcee, Katagi hangs out on the alternative, experimental end of the Hip Hop spectrum. This is always refreshing. 66X is not Katagi’s first release so if this satisfies your aural tastes buds dig into his catalog. In the […]

Happy Halloween by Tracey Quake

Happy Halloween by Tracey Quake

Halloween might be over but Tracey Quake’s EP Happy Halloween is a lot bigger than one evening of trick or treating. Make sure you check out our interview with this urban theater artist. Five songs of catchy, lyrically deep music isn’t exactly what I expected from a project titled Happy Halloween but going opposite the norm lies […]

Neoteric EP by Farah

Neoteric by Farrah

Farah makes her musical debut with the release of her Neoteric EP. A voyage through experimental R&B and alternative Hip Hop, Farah has arrived with a unique sound that stays true to the essence of the R&B grooves we grew up with throughout the 90s. Not a stranger to the spotlight, Farah Washington began performing […]