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Father, emcee, producer, music blogger. Joshua is a member of Manchester, TN Hip Hop collective BUNKS and co-founder of Middle Tennessee Music. Now in Sactown, CA, he actively tours, works with MPC Recording Company as Media Director and is also signed as an Artist.

Social Media Evolving – 3 New Platforms For Indie Musicians To Consider

Videscape - Video, Audio and Revenue Sharing Platform

Everyone knows about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ but have you heard about Videscape? Tsu? or Giggem? …No? In a world known for it’s diversity and abyss of options for consumers to choose from, it’s only natural the social media playing field would mimic this pattern. Videscape If you haven’t heard about Videscape, I […]

Walk Away by Kaige Evans

Kaige Evans

South African singer, songwriter and guitarist Kaige Evans has released his new single “Walk Away”. His raspy voice mixed with super sweet guitar tones presents a sound bed that lends itself to the sounds of alternative rock, specifically the sounds of the early 90s circa Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains but with a little less […]

Interview with *AUDRA* of Chaser Eight

Chaser Eight

The last time we featured Chaser Eight they had just released their album At The 426. Fast forward to the present and they are preparing to release their first studio LP. Below, *AUDRA* discusses projects we’ve missed, the direction of the new album, and the transition from releasing DIY albums to working on a full length […]

The Path of Prime by Primordial Emcee

Primordial Emcee

Toronto rapper Primordial Emcee is a founding member of Faction, who have released two albums and one EP since 2010. The trio are currently focused on solo projects, which includes Prime’s X-Faction 2: Reanimated, the ODB-like sequel to his group’s most successful album. XF2 follows a similar formula to the original, using comic book, anime […]