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Father, emcee, producer, music blogger. Joshua is a member of Manchester, TN Hip Hop collective BUNKS and co-founder of Middle Tennessee Music. If you are looking for digital distribution or publishing admin services, he also acts as CMO for Unlimited Sounds Publishing and Distribution, LLC.

Watch: Tiny Islands by Tangerine

“If you’re not familiar with Tangerine, they’re a Seattle-based foursome made up of of sisters Marika and Miro along with with friends Toby and Ryan. “Tiny Islands” was originally on their 2014 EP, Behemoth!, but it just received the music video treatment. The video, which was shot on a 16mm camera by Emily Deering, is a perfect pairing with the wildly infectious track. In the first half, the crew can be found perusing through a record store, strolling around a dock, and making the occasional goofy face at the camera. Things get a little trippy when the setting is moved to a rowdy basement show, proving my theory that this is an A+ summer party jam.”

First LP from European Supergroup O.R.k, Inflamed Rides, Set to Include Contest Winner’s Remix!


Pre-order link for Inflamed Rides

The band O.R.k., consisting of Lef (Obake, Berserk!), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) and Carmelo Pipitone (Marta sui tubi), has decided, in keeping with the interactive, spontaneous nature of the band, to initiate a remix contest for one of the tracks on our forthcoming album Inflamed Rides.

The winning remix will be included on the limited edition CD, available for pre-order now.

Winning Remix

The band states that “We as O.R.k have decided to release our music directly without going through the traditionally accepted channels. This also means there is no intermediary between us and those who might share our journey with us.”

Across the ten tracks, O.R.k illuminate a deep subconscious landscape, rich with controlled chaos and populated with archetypal forms and characters. Highlights include the mezmerising ‘Pyre’, accompanied by a stunning animated video from Oktopus Productions and the jarring urgency of “Funfair” which promises entertaining rides in the most intimidating manner. Imposing, but also encompassing a hypnotic, powerful beauty, O.R.k. is a forward thinking, mischievous slap around the head of complacency, and a captivating listen from start to finish.

Original Track

Listen: Ravens by Jesse Payne

The quilt of resilience, burdens and bronze striving for shelf-life brilliance. Finding artifacts that reveal our teeth to keep us wound tightly to the ones we need. Chandeliers sway through moonlit rooms. Silver spoons, children’s shoes, and a mirror documenting the elusiveness of time. Societal relativity and patchwork crimes haunting the ghosts of gravity and lies. Candles in boxes detached and heartless. A portrait captured and cradled in a frame of concrete and bar. The stories reside in the grain. The heirlooms will travel with us. Jesse Payne’s latest, Heirloom (Capture Music Inc.), will be released in 2015. Heirloom is an audio-painting of the passage of time and the baggage we bury. Omens and angels. Philosophical and historical. Generations patched into fabric like heirlooms; these are the things we carry.

Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah at Springwater in Nashville July 23

The much buzzed about San Francisco-based psych Americana band, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah are pairing with The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show for a summer tour.

Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah are an organ/guitar driven rock band whose shows transport the audience out of a traditional music venue and into a hazy, hip shaking psychedelic tent revival.The band effortlessly slides between country/folk, blues and rock and roll culminating in their unique brand of Psychedelic Gospel.

  • Featured in Shindig! Magazine And RELIX Magazine as one of “5 Artists You Should Know About”
  • Voted one of the “Best Up-And-Coming Bay Area Bands of 2014″ by CBS Local Television

Catch the band at Springwater 115 27th Ave N Nashville 9PM w/Steve Lewis on July 23rd.

Listen: Static In My Headphones by Jep Roadie

We are going to overwhelm the world with peace and love. We are going to outsmart the evil. Expose the hatred. Expose the injustice. Pray for those suffering.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. That is the only way to describe the world nowadays. There are major steps forward and major set backs. All with race being at the forefront of most issues. It makes my heart hurt to know that my kids will still have to deal with nonsense because they have more melanin than someone else. It is utterly ridiculous that we as a people cannot get it together. There is no division between race. We are the same. The battle is Good Vs. Evil. When the “race baiting” media reached the masses, I removed myself from the topics (for the most part). I found myself listening to powerful music. I was getting lost in the music. Headphones on, stress lowered. I was searching for the answer to all of our problems in past messages. The answers are there, people just don’t listen nor care to listen. It is up to our generation to create that Utopia. Regardless of whether you sell drugs or if you have a master’s degree. I recently found out my Great Grandfather played in the Negro Leagues. Which validated my inner feeling of belonging to something great. I sometimes get this feeling of having a “greater purpose”. Anyways, he along with countless others, transcended the entire game of baseball. He is one of the reasons I got the chance to even play little league. I can only imagine how many times he was called a “nigger” or something stupid like that. But he must not have given a f*ck because he continued to play for something greater. He must have found solace in other places. The artwork shows him (indicated by arrow) and the team he played for later in his career. Long story short, sometimes we just need to isolate ourselves from the chaos and try to find ways to create a better situation. The immediate responses are fine and good, but this is chess not checkers. Put your headphones on and locate the answers. Locate your purpose. One love.

Jep Roadie

MTM Tipscast – Facebook Advertising, Changes and What Bands Need To Know

MTM Tipscast - Digital Marketing for Musicians Podcast In this episode of Tipscast, I discuss Facebook. Specifically, advertising, marketing, and band pages.

Whether you love or hate Facebook, there is no denying the true power and precision of their advertising platform. In these 10 minutes, I talk about why.

Points I discuss include:

  • Facebook advertising
  • custom audiences
  • algorithm changes
  • Lead Ads (new feature)
  • 30 day inactive “Like” dump

Listen: Wasteland by Tony K

The latest mixtape “Wasteland” from Hip-Hop Artist and producer Tony K, details the struggles of everyday life tackling temptation, lust, envy, greed and all the cold aspects of life in the song “Cold” you hear Tony recite “You can’t be selfless in the land of the selfish cause he without blemish will get eaten for breakfast” describing how you must become just as cold as everyone else to survive this world. The mixtape features 13 all original tracks all produced and written by Tony K, “Wasteland” is now available for free download.

Listen: High As Heaven, Drunk As Hell by The UGLYS

The UGLYS released their new project High As Heaven, Drunk As Hell on June 26th. Check it out below and if you dig it, grab a copy.

Listen: Backseat Driver by Los Colognes

Nashville, Tennessee’s Los Colognes will release their second full-length, Dos, on September 4, 2015 via Theory 8. The album follows their critically acclaimed 2013 debut, Working Together, and was recorded in the summer of 2014 at Bombshelter Studios in Nashville. Dos features Billy Bennett as engineer/mixer, was mastered by John Baldwin, and was self-produced by the band.

  • 08/07-09 Appleton, WI @ Miles of Music Festival
  • 09/04 Nashville, TN @ The Basement East
  • 09/05 Knoxville, TN @ Barley’s Taproom
  • 09/17 Nashville, TN @ Americana Music Conference
  • 09/18-20 – Bristol, TN @ Bristol Roots & Rhythm
  • 09/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory
  • 10/01 Chicago, IL @ Schuba’s

Watch: Roll Bounce by AxJ ft Mvstermind

AxJ connects with fellow Midwest artist Mvstermind from hip hop collective MME for a fun new visual to his recently released track Roll Bounce prod. by Ozzie Clarke. The video was shot by Skybox Cinema & Karl B while both artists did a show together in Atlanta this past month. AxJ continues to keep us entertained while we wait on his next project The Light Bulb Moment.