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Father, emcee, producer, music blogger. Joshua is a member of Manchester, TN Hip Hop collective BUNKS and co-founder of Middle Tennessee Music. Now in Sactown, CA, he actively tours, works with MPC Recording Company as Media Director and is also signed as an Artist.

Interview with Bob Crain (Part I) – Melbourne, technology, and fighting for the working class musicians

Bob Crain

You might remember the name Bob Crain from our recent article The Top 39 Annoying Things Venues Do. Bob and I have had some in-depth conversations about the plight of the indie musician – you know, the average joe like us. Those who make up the musician “working class”. We have discussed everything from the disconnect […]

Lindsay Mac is Animal Again

Animal Again by Lindsay Mac

No matter how you feel about “pop” music, one cannot deny that when it’s great it uplifts you, makes you want to move, and fills you with an empowering sensation to go out and shine. Indie synth-pop singer/songwriter Lindsay Mac has arrived with a powerful collection of 5 songs on her new EP Animal Again. […]