Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday There is always room for a great song by a great band and Ash Wednesday delivers just that in pure rock and roll fashion.

Guitarist Zach Barnett, bass guitarist Larry Morton, guitarist Josh Nolan, guitarist Kevin Shearer, and drummer Daylan Kinser have come together to form a powerful, refreshing, back-to-the-roots style of rock music.

At the core, Ash Wednesday’s message is simple:

“We’re all in this together, and everything’s gonna be all right.”

Four guys on the move from city to city sharing their blend of rockin’ drums, groovin’ bass lines, distorted (and clean) guitars, and enough pick-me-up to keep fans jamming the good vibes until their next trip through town.

Ash Wednesday loves their supporters, love their art, love to perform, and all this shows throughout each song.


Ash Wednesday sounds like what would happen if Tom Petty co-wrote an album with Eddie Vedder while backed by Counting Crows.

This band reminds me of all the elements I loved about alternative rock of the early 1990s. This music makes you feel, it makes you jam, and it lifts your spirits up a notch (or two).

Head over to Ash Wednesday’s website then connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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