Arlon Bennett opens a ” World of Possibility”

arlon bennett album coverI’ve had a rough few days, a little something got my stomach in a mess, and a lot of soul-searching kinda stuff going on has had me in a bit of a toss, if you get me. So, when I woke today, not really looking forward to writing (that’s odd for me) and put on Arlon Bennett’s new release, “World of Possibility” I was kind of on needles and pins, hoping it was good because I didn’t have the energy for something I couldn’t get into.

WELLLLLL….. once in a while the hand that guides the cosmos seems to be thinking of me! There could not have been a more perfect record on my list. Greeted by a sweet acoustic guitar, and a simple, happy, carefree vocal style, my mood was lightening by the end of the first verse. There is an attitude captured in the recording that truly feels like there are endless possibilities for the day. I don’t know how you record attitude, but they did it.

So the tracks sent to me where a selected four. I listened once and was thinking about what to say about the EP. The first time through, I was blown away with “Question for Einstein.” The four tunes flew by, while I marveled at Bennett’s voice and writing. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone who just naturally sounds so much like James Taylor.

When I started the playback for the second time, I started into reading the liner notes. Sure enough someone else seems to get that JT thing. But, hey! The notes say there are Eleven tracks on this disc. “Well this just won’t do!” I thought. “Surely the rest of it is tucked away somewhere, I’ll find it.” Yeah, you caught me, I really did go dig for more, and I’m happy to say it wasn’t hard to find.

Keeping things fairly traditional and not too fancy, Arlon’s pure water voice is perfectly complimented by his guitar, which literally chimes and sparkles. Little bits of organ, Rhodes piano, some dirty tube-amp guitars and basic drums and percussion round out the arrangements to fit each tune.

Since, 1998, Bennett has been putting out records with success, but this is only his fourth. That’s a lot of time between records, but it has been some well-spent time, folks. It is obvious that he has had time to really get into his craft, like it used to be done back before the instant-download-single-a-day age.

Deep, and thoughtful lyrics tell some great stories in a timeless way on this record. I could throw the whole book of cliche’s out here, but they wouldn’t really get the point across.

What we have, here, is  an album of beautifully sculpted traditional soft-rock-folk songs that should stand the test of time. It’s just plain good music that will make you smile and think and laugh and hurt, and it will do it in different ways each time you listen, as you catch the lines in a different light.

To give you an idea just how much I’ve enjoyed “World of Possibility,” – I’m going to send it to my mother. If you know me, you know that says a whole lot more than any cliche I could come up with!


Hailing from Long Island New York, Arlon’s philosophy on life is that if you can dream it you can do it; “Shoot for the moon and ask questions later”. When he considered his vocation as a writer, it was famed author George Plimpton who advised Arlon to “just write” without pretense or expectation. So, when the Virginia Heroes, Inc. called Arlon to use the lyrics to his song “The Ace in Grace”, to commemorate the Arthur Ashe statue unveiling in Richmond, he realized his contributions could touch people in a meaningful and musical way.

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