Are You Ready for Frank Palangi

Frank PalangiDust off the speakers and turn them up loud for a new edgier sound from Frank Palangi’s new EP, Are You Ready. Dreams beyond the light of the soul encounter respect in the mirror of self reflection in Frank Palangi’s new song, Are You Ready. Frank’s motto is, “I have no plan b on backing down on my dreams!”

The new EP, Are You Ready is heavier than any other albums of Frank Palangi. Rob Coates (producer of David Archuleta , Rich Redmond, Mark Wills, Traa Daniels) produced, mixed and mastered the new EP song, “I Am Ready” at LabelMix Productions in Nashville, TN.   I Am Ready includes performances by (PILLAR) Lester Estelle jr, Noah Henson and Jacob Veal (Eowyn). The EP was recorded out of Palangi Studios and Rock School Music in New York and DredRock Music, Off The Wall Studios and Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. Frank played acoustic, electric, bass guitar on most of the tracks (Turn It All Around, Boohoo, Thank You, Last Wish) along with background keyboard sounds and recorded those tracks in his home studio. Frank is getting his feet wet in producing.

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I Am Ready by Frank Palangi

You can listen to Frank Palangi’s new EP I Am Ready at SoundCloud and ReverbNation.

Other than Are You Ready, my favorite song from the new EP is Boohoo, an experimental edgy Rock song with a country twist inspired by a common phrase Frank heard a few of his high school girlfriends say Boohoo, a sarcastic term meaning suck it up, boy. “So, in this song, I get to say it back!” Frank admits. The smile and growl of emotion is very clear as if Frank is a cannonball on a rocket ship headed for stardom as his vocals are the likeness of Full Devil Jacket vocalist, Josh Brown, formerly of Day of Fire.

Boohoo video performed by Frank Palangi

Frank is the winner of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands in Saratoga, NY, which granted him to open for the Uproar Festival at SPAC. Frank expresses his enthusiasm, “It was so cool being interviewed by Ernie Ball. The concert itself was amazing! Alice in Chains and Jane’s Addiction was heading. Funny thing was all these bands had a tour bus and trailer. Then, you see my car in the back lot thrown into the mix. (laughs) It was a special experience for me that I felt what the bigger acts went through for a show like that. I got to hang back stage for a radio interview on Q103 and met with the singer of Alice in Chains William DuVall and Guitarist Dave Navarro.” Frank has toured various parts of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Vermont. In Philadelphia, he opened for Pop group, IM5 sponsored by Reality Dance. Frank Palangi is also a L.A Music Awards Best Rock Single Nominee 2013.

Frank Palangi at Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands

The new EP I’m Ready by Frank Palangi features a few ballads and solid edgy Rock tunes. “I thank my parents for supporting, my fans and music contacts I’ve worked with for believing in me.” The most notable ballad, Frozen by Frank Palangi is a fan favorite.

Frozen video by Frank Palangi

My personal favorite ballad on the new Frank Palangi EP is Thank You since I recently went through the trials of losing a friend. Frank sheds some light on the song, Thank You, “It’s about a person on their death bed reaching out to someone they don’t know saving their faith. That one last phone call that person would make. I had watched the film with Will Smith called Seven Pounds and the girlfriend dies in the end. I believe after one last phone call he has with her sparked the idea for the song, Thank You. Lester Estelle JR who is featured on the track (Pillar, Kelly Clarkson) was perfect for the feel I wanted in that tune. That guy is such a solid drummer! I have a promo music video out in late December for this track as well.”

Thank You promo video by Frank Palangi

Frank Palangi is branching out with many opportunities, and will be working with Michael McManus (Saving Abel, 12 Stones) on drums in a new song called Hope in 2014. “I’m still looking for the right label if the opportunity fits.” Frank Palangi’s motto for 2014 remains as “”NO PLAN B” meaning not giving up on what you love to do.

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