Amos Got Soul

Dave Plaehn has one damn fine set of pipes.

This veteran to the independent music game has walked many paths during his career. One thing is for sure, Dave Plaehn can sing his heart out and his harmonica playing does a great job at keeping up with that standard.

Let’s look at where Dave has been, so we can better appreciate where he is at…

  • In college he played in a jug band.
  • Moving to Madison, WI he joined the Tony Brown Band who gained popularity with their flavor of acoustic reggae, cajun, and blues.
  • He then went on to form the Roots Band which played a mix of reggae, blues, and mariachi funk.
  • Leaving Wisconsin, Dave began focusing on songwriting and song plugging. He released his first album of original songs in 1981 titled Smokin.
  • This was followed by the blues-jazz-folk EP, Mouth Full of Blues.
  • Dave ended up in Oregon during the ’80s where he joined Neil Gladstone and Company.
  • In 1990, he began performing with slide guitarist Jeff Hino and they continue to perform as the Plaehn-Hino Blues Band.
  • In 1997, Hohner, Inc officially endorsed Dave as a harp player.

Amos Got Soul is exactly what it says…music from the soul.

Dave Plaehn stands out from the other music I have been enjoying lately. Mostly due to his unique mix of blues with elements of adult contemporary and various forms of roots music.

Imagine Stevie Wonder leading a band of creative talent that includes Johnny Winter, Leadbelly, Sonny Terry, Bob Dylan, and Bonnie Raitt…

That only gives you an idea of what to expect on Amos Got Soul. What I can guarantee is that you will enjoy the balance between soulful blues and adult contemporary/rock.

This album is fun to listen to and it is definitely worth multiple listens. As I’m Not Brokenhearted moves through minute 4 of the track, I find myself jumping up to play air guitar along with the lead. When Harp Stomp II follows, it’s back to pretending I know how to handle a harmonica…

Bottom line, Amos Got Soul jams and Dave Plaehn is an experienced songwriter many of us can appreciate.

This is the part where you support Dave and grab the album. Then go visit his website to connect.

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