Acid Challenge from BlackSam Records – get your “tickets”

Labarome-Techno-Music-IndustriesI’m imagining it’s 1:30 a.m. (ok it is, so what?) and I’m kicked back on the edge, just watching… One of those big festivals like Bonnaroo and the subtle change in crowd is happening as the daytrippers turn into to night-lighting day glo and neon streamers  ready to party on  til the break of dawn and then some.  Labarome T.M.I. and Lowfreq77 from BlackSam are on the stage and the crowd is moving like an ocean of glowing tentacles while the lights play tricks on the psyche.

lowq77Eyes become distant and waves of energy move through the whole place as the beat on the one pulsates through the thick night air. Tracks from Acid Challenge fill the atmosphere with electricity and perhaps a feeling of homage to an acid test from decades ago.

Italian indie artists  LabaromeTMI and Lowfreq77 (Black Sam Records) battle it out with driving beats and real life samples and a definitive euro-pop sound. Another wave of neon babes goes dancing by.

I can see the crowd melding into one consciousness, one being, moving together, entranced by the sound and the beat as the dj-s work their acid trance craft. It’s inescapable and pulls them in. They dance for hours, moving, sweating, breathing together; all feeling the same energy. Whether some small underground club or the biggest of weekend festivals, the crowd will be packed tight and completely under the spell of LabaromeTMI and Lowfreq77.


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