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Jefferson Grizzard is a singer/songwriter from Rome, GA who has recently released his first album “A Crack in the Door” on Backporch Syndicate Records. Jefferson began both playing the guitar and writing at the young age of thirteen. As he grew up his writing style began to take the mold of the many artists Jefferson had grown up listening to. It is easy to hear the stylistic murmurings of such artists as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Donovan, and Kris Kristofferson within Jefferson’s songs. Musically “A Crack in the Door” echoes the tonality of 60’s and 70’s Rock and Roll and Country music.


Jefferson Grizzard

As I listened to Grizzard’s record, all the names mentioned above kept coming to mind, and I was reminded of the sounds of  my youth coming at me over the radio. All it needed was a bit of static or the hum and hiss of a beat up turntable to take me home.

I was struggling with an introduction that involved something about a lost highway or traveled road, when “Gypsy Sally” came over the phones. “The road I’ve travelled …” sang Jefferson, while I began reading the bio on his web-site. Well, that sums it up, said I, hence the above quote.

A Crack In The Door”, his most recent release by Back porch Syndicate can be found on CD Baby. He has been gigging in Georgia and Nashville, most recently playing Spanky’s – he just may return soon!

This young man is making some serious new, old-school, folk music with organs and horns and guitars! Oh, My! I even think I heard a touch of Tom Petty in there. The old movie critic guys would say, “Two Thumbs Up!”

Check out Backporch Syndicate Music’s Booth at NACA South

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