3 Ways To Increase Your Chart Rank on ReverbNation

ReverbNation logoIn case you didn’t know, ReverbNation claims to be the leading platform for online music marketing among artists, managers, venues, and labels.  Each day over 1.5 million people use their services to 1) build their fan base, 2) study fan behavior, 3) book shows, and 4) distribute their music.

One of my favorite features is the ability to view charts by location and genre as well as what’s popular globally and on the national level.

It has proven an important tool for helping us network with bands, venues, and labels while sharing our music with a large audience of music lovers and potential fans.

We have found many bands featured on this site scouring the local charts to ensure we are representing as much of Middle Tennessee Music as we possibly can.

If you are an artist or band using the service to market your music, use our 3 tips below to help move yourself up the charts and drive more traffic to your songs.

Increasing your Chart Rank is an effective way to gain more visibility, expand your network, and get more people listening to and sharing your music.

ReverbNation Mini-Guide: Increasing Band Equity and Chart Rank

1. Leave comments…

..on others’ profiles after listening to their music. And yes, actually listen to their music and leave sincere feedback.

Take 30 minutes or less each day to find and listen to other bands.

Leave a comment on their profile telling them what you think.  If you like what you hear and think people in your network would enjoy it, click the share buttons and pass them around.

Make sure you let them know you shared their music.

In my experience the awesome people will visit your profile and share your music with their fans.

Interacting with others, sharing music, and leaving comments are great ways to increase your Band Equity which in turn increases your Chart Rank.

2. Strategically place Widgets

…on your Website and Social Media sites.

Below is the Video Widget Reverb provides.

Widgets are easy to use if you know how to copy and paste a chunk of HTML code into your website or social media profiles.

If not, it’s easy to figure out.

The thing you do NOT want to do is place too many widgets across the web.

Reverb’s analytics are very smart and if you have 100 widgets scattered across many sites but are receiving no plays, no new fans, or no e-mail list signups your Equity and Rank will begin dropping…drastically.

If you create an account but never do anything with it, your stats will be flat-lining at 0.

3. Maintain your presence on Facebook

If you are taking full advantage of Social Media, you have probably figured out you need to have a presence on all the major social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook).  It is also important to have a presence on smaller sites as well as actively trying to get your music featured by music bloggers.

ReverbNation allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profiles with your RN account.

When computing your Band Equity and Chart Ranking, Reverb’s algorithms take your likes and followers into account.

With that said, it is important you spend at least 30 minutes a few times each week building your networks on those sites as well.

Obviously the more time you spend engaging with your Social Media presence, the better results you will see.

As a side note, there is an Facebook App that provides a useful landing page.

Bonus Tips

You also need to keep in mind that Labels, Venues, and Management companies are creating profiles on ReverbNation as part of their Social Media marketing strategies.

This is important because it gives you direct access to Venues and other Music Industry contacts.

Imagine booking a small tour within 200 miles of your hometown without having to leave your bedroom or office.

It’s amazing what you can do with some contact information, a few e-mails, and a couple of phone calls.

Before closing this article, I want to mention that Reverb also offers excellent e-mail management, website building, and digital distribution services for very affordable prices. You can even create your own store which includes the ability to design and sell merchandise to your fans.

Consider ReverbNation your all encompassing control panel to building your Internet Presence, marketing your music, and building a successful and independent music career.

ReverbNation Mini-Guide: Increasing Band Equity and Chart Rank


  1. says

    Thanks for the tips! I still have to wonder what is the major benefit of spending so much time on the reverbnation site to move higher up the charts, for a little exposure just to have to pay into all of their services in order to submit to oppourtunities? It’s interesting that I do not pay for a reverbnation press kit becuase I host my own on my website. Yet I was discovered on reverbnation and was selected to collaborate with some major Hip-Hop Artist on a project including Snoop Dog, E40 and Too Short! I believe it’s best to focus on what works for a person as an individual. There are certainly more than enough music sites and social networks to go around!

    • says

      If you are paying for their premium services, using their RPKs, and submitting to gig and licensing opportunities using their system, then spending all the time it takes to stay up the charts might have more significance.

      If you are just using ReverbNation to network, then I advise not spending that much on it. It’s turned into a spam machine for bands and artists who are all fanning, commenting, and messaging each other in hopes you return the favor.

      I agree with you 100. It’s all about the individual (or group) and their goals. Some people are finding great success through Reverb’s features while others are finding the same amount of success doing their thing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or even their own website.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving us the comment. Onward & Upward.

    • Bigg cuzzo tha b-Town Reprezenta says

      I need help with my page.What do i need to do to get more fans and maybe get noticed.

  2. Linda Vee Sado says

    No offense, but I do nothing anymore but approve friend requests and am at number 1 rank as I type this and for the first time since I have been on there. I used to answer, listen and comment on every band who hit me up and saw no improvement and got tired of knocking myself out. How ironic

      • Linda Vee Sado says

        Well not anymore LOL I have begun genre hopping to get more exposure, but it kills my rank too And I am 8th right now. There are sites anyway where you can game the system and boost your rank if you do a search. I stumbled onto one accidentally and then did a search and found out there are a ton of them

  3. Johm says

    Revebnation Charts do not work… When I first joined I had no music, no fans and I was doing nothing on there site as well as FB. (I do not use Myspace) and each week my ranking was going up until I got into the top 100 in Los Angeles… Plus they calculate the total number of fans you have by adding your FB fans and Myspace fans together… How many of those people are they counting twice? Probably 80%… I stopped using Revebnation because they are a JOKE….I to be honest none of my friends who are in bands don’t use them either….

  4. says

    I too am starting to wake up and smell the coffee. I was rank’d #96 after being inactive on Reverb for a over 2 years. I uploaded a new song just as a hoot after seeing a Reverb banner on YouTube. Suddenly… BOOM! I was #6! I hadnt even shared on Facebook or told that many people. I checked the song stats and found it had been played 4 times (2 by ME) and that alone took me from #96 to #6 in less than 24hrs. Now wait a damn minute…..????? Something is definitely fishy here.

  5. says

    Exactly how many Band Equity points do you need to earn money? I used to get a few pence a month until about 2012. Naff all since then. But I’m top locally, high nationally, and in the top 50000 universally for the whole damned thing. I currently have bout 1500 points. That means that at least 6/7ths Reverbs sign-ups get completely naff all?

    So what’s the point?

    • says

      Many people believe there is no point and I tend to agree with those people. Unless you have some specific career goal that can only be accomplished through ReverbNation…I don’t see a point anymore.

      Several years ago, when it was a new platform, it was one of the best options Indie, DIY’ers had for streaming, sharing, and promoting music.

  6. says

    It’s just another site for people to hear your shit. It’s a good site if you have facebook. It is nice to use with Facebook . I don’t really pay attention to the charts . Use it for your free shit and if you wana join a contest of use it as away to market to different people at least it puts your shit together so you can show case it. Just another tool. Calm down people you should be promoting right now

  7. says

    Its a great colorful alternative to sending unprotected music to distributors and contest. They just click and no video.

    Its great for a free service. A ton of music outlets charge. Reverb does too, if you opt in. Otherwise its just a small scale-niche facebook

  8. says

    It feels good to see your ranks climb and the fans you gain near and far. A good site for marketing your music!!
    SOB – This Life

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