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Book Cover Judge by Kathy Muir

Interview with Kathy Muir

How have you been? What’s happened in the world of Kathy Muir since we reviewed your last album, which was released in the summer of 2012? Well, Far From Entirely was recorded over a series […]


Interview with Black_Hart! of Dark Empire

At the height of Wu Tang Clan’s rise to popularity and success, Black_Hart! began pursuing the life of an artist. Wishing to find his own success without following a path of negativity and destruction, Black_Hart! […]

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The Alpine Camp

The Alpine Camp Translate Nature To Sound

The Alpine Camp was simply a challenge to translate nature’s sounds into music without any fancy gadgetry or studio over-processing but has since turned into something of an obsession for this crew of energetic and […]

Well-Known Strangers

Well-Known Strangers Release Found EP

On the hardest and saddest of my year, each year, I have to wish my first born son (11) a bittersweet farewell as he flies our of Sacramento International Airport back home to Florida to get […]


Black_Hart! Presents Book Of Marlon

Be sure to go back and check my interview with Dark Empire’s Black_Hart!. Black_Hart!’s latest album Book of Marlon packs a powerful Hip Hop punch into a genre suffering from corporate degradation and constant attacks from […]

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ReverbNation Mini-Guide

ReverbNation Mini-Guide

SEO Basics for Musicians (class)

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Watch: Colorchange by Thieves

Thieves have released their new music video for Colorchange documenting the head bangs from some of our touring this summer. If you dig the video, please help us out by sharing it on social media! […]

Til The Flame Burns Out by Chase Enriquez

Watch: Another Night by Chase Enriquez

Chase Enriquez is singer/rapper whose song writing approach and live show blends the skillful lyricism of Hip-Hop’s golden age and the raw vocal energy of Rock n’ Roll’s yesteryear with an attack that differs from […]

Oogee Wawa

Watch: Jump Off by Oogee Wawa

About Oogee Wawa With a ton of reggae, reggae-rock, reggae/hip-hop, reggae-punk (and the list of sub-genres goes on and on…) acts on the rise in the tight knit community that is Long Island’s music scene- […]


Listen: Little Hollywood by TÙ

The song Little Hollywood (by TÙ) is about not being afraid of being who you are, what you look like and accepting it. The song mainly reflects upon social pressures of what your body image should […]

The Old Days

Watch: Come Take My Heart by The Old Days

The Old Days are a modern pop collaboration between Los Angeles writer/producer Scott Chesak and Austin singer/songwriter Marcus Brown. The two aim to combine the honesty and authenticity of the Austin music scene with the […]